8 Of My Favourite Literary Couples

Instead of writing a blog post about how to do date night at home (buy your favourite restaurant kits and light a few candles, you’re welcome!), I thought I would write something else in honour of Valentine’s Day aka my birthday (and my love of books!). So here are some of the most famous romances ever written! Some of these couples are so well-known that I haven’t even read the book (they’re on my TBR list don’t worry!).

  1. Elizabeth Bennet and William Darcy Pride and Prejudice. One of my all-time favourite books, films and TV adaptations (I can’t choose who I prefer out of Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen!), it is no wonder that this is one of the most famous classics ever written. I love how stubborn and moody Darcy is and Elizabeth is a highly intelligent and likeable character in that she’s never afraid to stand up for herself in a world where females were not considered important enough to do just about anything!

  2. Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton – The Notebook. I loved this book and I loved the film too (Ryan Gosling made the perfect Noah!), I just love the characters and the storyline is tender and sweet. I admit the meet-cute is not quite so cute but I will forgive that because the love that grows is delightful to read about / watch.

  3. Louisa Clark and Will Traynor – Me Before You. I loved this book and it was better than the film obvs (it would take a brilliant film adaptation for me to announce that the film was better!) but I especially loved the love story because it wasn’t an instant attraction and it grew from friendship as most of the greatest loves tend to do. I loved Louisa’s quirky character and I loved reading about how Will’s personality developed around her.

  4. Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler – Gone With The Wind. One of the rare books that I haven’t read (before you tell me, I know it’s a classic!) but I couldn’t write a list like this without including these two absolute legends. I don’t know much about the story because I’m trying to avoid spoilers but even without reading the book or watching the film, I know that this was an epic love story.

  5. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley – Harry Potter. Harry Potter is one of the most famous set of books in the world so I couldn’t not include two of my favourite characters. On their own, they were brilliant and likeable and similarly to Louisa and Will, I like that their love grew from friendship and the amount of crazy adventures they went on. Where are Harry and Ginny in this list I hear you ask? Not on this damn list, that’s for sure!

  6. Henry DeTamble and Clare Abshire – The Time Travellers Wife. I read this book a long time ago so I do sometimes confuse it with the film because I’ve seen the film more recently but this was an emotional and beautiful love story! I loved the unpredictability of the storyline and also I liked the casting in the film too (second time Rachel McAdams has come up in this list #girlcrush).

  7. Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Water – The Fault in Our Stars. If you thought the YA genre wasn’t going to be included in this list then you were sadly mistaken! It’s actually one of my favourite genres, I loved YA when I was actually within the demographic but I still love it now. This story is a little bit more traumatic than most YA books that I read but the love story that transpires is emotional and beautiful and heart-breaking.

  8. Cathy and Heathcliff – Wuthering Heights. I read this whilst I was in school and I remember really not liking it and then I read it again a few years ago and found myself enjoying it a lot more so maybe you have to be of a certain age to really enjoy it? The story isn’t what I would’ve usually called super romantic but the love story between the two mian protagnists is a deep love which spans several decades. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride!

Who are you favourite literary couples?


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