What I Got For Christmas 2020

Let’s face it, no-one’s Christmas was perfect this year and it was a bit shit knowing plans changed a few days beforehand even when it was for the best. However I am lucky enough to be writing this post as I live with my wonderful family (however trying these times have been, I’m stuck with them! Oh and I love them obvs!), and my SO dropped his presents off a few days before Christmas (all socially distanced of course).

I always love writing up these posts because they’re so nice for me to look back on and be grateful for everything I received and I find they’re good for people looking for ideas too. I have previously written similar posts for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 which are all linked so go and have a nosy if you fancy! As per the more recent posts, I’ve spread the presents into categories which makes it easier if you’re looking for any specific present ideas and I’ve also linked everything or similar items if I can’t find the originals.


Boux Avenue pyjamas

Shein pyjamas

Nike tracksuit


Running tops

I love getting clothes for Christmas because I barely buy clothes for myself and it’s always nice receiving gifts that you can use straightaway! I received two pairs of pyjamas, both of which I loveeed even if they were very similar. I’d asked for some navy silk pyjamas but I actually received two pairs of black satin pyjamas so close enough I guess ha. One pair was from Boux Avenue which I love as a brand and the others were from Shein (not pictured because I started wearing them already!) and came as a bigger set of a cami top, shorts, long sleeve top and longer bottoms.

I also received a tracksuit from Nike which I loved, it’s so comfy and it looks really stylish, I can’t wait to wear it with my Adidas trainers (or is that just not okay?!). I also received a loungewear set from Boohoo which is this grey set and is so soft and comfortable. With working from home, I’ve been wanting to invest in some lovely loungewear that I can wear so this was a welcome surprise. Lastly for this category, I received two long-sleeved running tops from Karrimor, no excuses for me not to go running anymore (shit).


Jade roller

Ted Baker minis

Wild deodorant

Magnetic eyelashes

I always like to receive beauty bits because again, I rarely buy anything for myself beauty-wise so I was really happy to receive these pressies! I really want to start using a jade roller so this vibrating one looks amazing. It’s meant to be brilliant for your skin so I’m excited to try it.

When we’re (finally) able to travel again, I will definitely get some use out of these Ted Baker minis! I received a mini shower gel, mini body spray and mini hand cream, all of which will come in super handy in my handbag!

Ever since I saw an advert on Instagram for this refillable and reusable deodorant, I knew it was something I needed in order to continue my journey towards being more eco-friendly.

I also received these magnetic eyelashes (not pictured because I wore them on Christmas Day #FuckBorisJohnson) but I was so happy to receive them! I always struggle putting lashes on and these come with an eyeliner that you leave to dry and then you stick the lashes on and hey presto, it’s like magic magnets (sorry not sorry for the lameness, it’s been a long year and we’re only 5 days in *shrugs*).


Colouring book

Hangry recipe journal

Moral Compass

The Girl From The Tanners Yard


I was so excitd to receive this coloruing book because I’ve heard it’s a very relaxing activity for after a hard day of work and if there was ever a time we needed to relax, it’s now. I just need to buy some colouring pencils and then I will be relaxing allll the damn time.

This was possibly my favourite present because I’ve been wanting a recipe book for so long. I wanted something to remember my favourite recipes and to pass onto my children (and my husband!). I loved the cover too because I am the worst when I’m hangry!

I received two fiction books (I know, only two?!) but they both look really interesting and surprisingly not something I would’ve picked myself. Really looking forward to reading both of these! And of course you can follow my reading journey on Goodreads if you fancyyy 🙂

I’m always looking for more book-related items so when I received these two adorable magnetic bookmarks I was so excited! I never knew I needed a magnetic bookmark until I used it – I can throw my book on my bed and the bookmark stays where it is – genius!



Photo clip lights

Hot chocolate bombe

Soup warmer


Silk pillowcases

I was so excited to receive this cafetiere! I do need a proper coffee machine too for my kitchen but I think french presses are so easy and the coffee is decent too so I’ll be making the most out of this gift!

This was a small gift from my sister but it’s so cute and I can’t wait to use them. They’re fairy lights with small clips to hold photos – now I just need an instant camera to print out cute pics!

This hot chocolate bombe was in my stocking along with a pair of socks (not pictured as I’ve already worn them) and it’s so cute! I know you can make it at home yourself but who’s got the time (or the molds?!) and it was so deliciously chocolately!

My Mum got us these soup warmers for when we (eventually) go back into the office. It’s a great size and even comes with it’s own foldable metal spoon which was so cute. I can’t wait to use it!

This experience was so exciting to me, I’m a huuuuge wine-lover so to be able to go to a real vineyard and do a tasting is like a dream come true. I would love to go Italy or France one day for a vineyard tour but Kent is good enough for me right now!

Last but certainly not least, I received some silk pillowcases. I’ve been trying hard to keep my hair in good condition as it can get quite frizzy and I’ve heard good things about silk pillowcases to maintain the frizz so I’m looking forward to seeing if there’s a difference to my hair.

I also received some money, socks and underwear as well as a lot of chocolate, but that was pretty much everything I received for Christmas! As much as this Christmas was different for so many people, I feel so grateful to have spent it with my family and for receiving so many amazing gifts.

I hope you all had wonderful Christmases, do leave me a comment below and let me know what your favourite gift was this Christmas!


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