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Here we are, another week in lockdown and everyone is handling things differently, you might be getting used to things or finding things difficult being cooped up in the house. Either way, it’s been a really strange situation and I have found keeping busy really helps me with my mental health (without these hobbies I would definitely be constantly watching the news and it’s very scary right now!).

  1. Reading. I mean I couldn’t not include reading, I’ve loved to read ever since I was a kid and it’s just the perfect pastime. Usually I like crime thrillers as well as light-hearted reads, but lately I’ve been reading more light-hearted books as an escape from the real world. I’ve been posting more about books on here as well so if you want to read my recommendations then the blog post you need is over here!
  2. Free courses. Weirdly enough, I actually miss University and learning (and those £3.50 double vodka lemonades, good times), but a friend mentioned that he was doing a free history course via the Open University and I thought that would be so interesting. I searched a few places for courses that I thought sounded interesting and I found a free course via Harvard University (does this make me a Harvard alumni?) that sounded so up my street: Science and Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science. They have some amazing free courses in all sorts of subjects that are all self-paced so it’s just about making the time to learn!
  3. Baking. Anyone who follows me on Instagram will know that I regularly bake and cook new things all the time, cooking is one of my passions (I’m not going to be on MasterChef any time soon but hey God loves a trier!). I know the whole world and his wife have been baking banana bread (no judgement here, I’ve done the same lol) and it’s just another reason why I enjoy baking and being in the kitchen so much, because I hate wasting food so it’s a great way to be creative and use up food/fruit that is about to go bad.
  4. Knitting. One thing I really wanted to start in lockdown was knitting. My Mum is really good at knitting having learnt when she was younger and she did try and teach me many moons ago but I just couldn’t get to grips with it. As soon as lockdown was announced, I knew it was the perfect time to learn a skill that didn’t involve any more screen time (although the YouTube videos are super helpful!), because working from home is already keeping me glued to my screen more than I would usually be! Knitting did not come naturally to me, but I am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would be and it’s also super satisfying to finish a row of stitches!
  5. Puzzles. My sister got me into puzzling, it’s actually so much fun and I’m enjoying it now more than ever. It’s become more of a family hobby which I love and again, super satisfying to slot the correct piece in and obviously to finish the puzzle! We have so many now that we have started swapping with our neighbours that we have different ones to do which makes a nice change.
  6. Exercise. I’m not the biggest fitness fanatic or anything (especially on weekends, my god I love a lazy Sunday!) but during the week I actually enjoy getting up an extra half hour early to do a short workout and then go for a shower and do my skincare routine and generally start the day. I’ve been loving Joe Wicks’ PE lessons on YouTube as well as Lucy Wyndham-Read’s 7 minute workouts which I try and do 2 of. I also love MadFit‘s abs and booty exercise and occasionally I try and do some yoga, I’ve found Yoga with Adriene to be really great.
  7. Quizzing. I think most people have found that during this time, catching up via Zoom or Skype is the best way to keep in touch with not just your colleagues but also your family and friends. We’ve been doing quizzes almost every weekend and it’s been really fun not just to see your family and loved ones but to test your knowledge and get a bit competitive! Also I like a cheeky drink whilst quizzing but of course that is totally up to you.
  8. Languages. Last but certainly not least (lockdown has made me very creative!), I have been learning a new language. I say new, I’ve been trying to learn Punjabi for a while now but it’s not as easy as I thought lol so I’ve downloaded a course from LearnLanguages24* who very kindly offered me a course to learn for free which was super helpful and will certainly get me off my butt and start learning for reals.

How have you been keeping busy in this environment?

*This course has been kindly gifted by LearnLanguages24. As always, my opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.


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