7 Things I’ve Missed During Lockdown

It’s a weird time for us in the world right now. No matter where you are in the world, this pandemic is probably affecting you in some way, whether that is positive or negative. I don’t think this lockdown has been completely negative or completely positive – in any situation there are plenty of both in my humble opinion.

With that in mind, I thought I would write a blog post about all the things I’ve missed during this lockdown in the hope that it will soon be over!

  1. Spending time with my loved ones. I’m lucky that I live at home and I adore my family so it hasn’t been difficult to stay at home and spend time with my immediate family in that sense, but there are so many people I miss, my OH being the first person I can’t wait to squeeze!

  2. Going out to eat. I miss visiting restaurants a LOT. I love cooking and trying out new recipes but there is something about going out to a nice place and spending time in a different environment to eat some delicious food. Don’t even get me started on PDF menus!

  3. Food shopping. This used to one of my favourite things to do with my Mum on a Sunday afternoon in Tesco’s; I love meal planning and cooking so buying the food is always an exciting part of the process. I miss doing a food shop without queuing for ages and empty shelves.

  4. Public transport. I know I know, I will most definitely live to regret this one, but I do slyly miss getting the train / tube to work. It’s been a huge part of my routine ever since I started working in central London back in 2017 so it’s strange not doing it everyday.

  5. Travelling. I have been keen to save money this year so I only have one trip planned to Barcelona later this year (fingers crossed I will still be able to go!) but we had lots of little weekends trips in the UK planned which are just as exciting.

  6. Beauty treatments. My hair has grown so long and is in desperate need of a haircut, I have been browsing those YouTube videos on how to give yourself a haircut but I am hoping that the lockdown will ease up before I’m tempted to run havoc with my Mum’s sewing scissors. Don’t even get me started on my eyebrows, Frida Kahlo would be proud!

  7. The Office. I am extremely lucky enough to have minimal changes to my work routine, apart from the obvious which is that we are all working from home. Having said that, I really miss the office banter and gossip and weekend chats. Video meetings aren’t really the same; you end up talking over each other and someone’s poor internet connection means that they are always about 15 seconds behind everyone else.

I know this blog post has made light of my first-world problems, I just want to put it out there that I realise I am very grateful to be in the position I’m in, I know others aren’t as fortunate. At the same time, this is my reality and I always try and be as authentic as I can on my blog.

What are you missing in this lockdown?


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