Cinnamon Lounge Restaurant Review | *AD – Gifted

So even though my About Me page clearly states that I’m a huge lover of sushi (no lie, I kinda want to roll around in sushi and wrapped up in seaweed – sue me), my heritage of course is Indian. Indian food for me, is huge in flavour and usually portion sizes (if you ever go to an Indian persons house, you will not leave the table until your buttons are popping).

Bearing all of this in mind, I was so excited to be invited to review a restaurant that no only was not too far from me, but that served Indian food – hurrah!

Cinnamon Lounge is located in Isleworth, west London and boasts new management with their head chef being trained in Mumbai at the Oberoi Hotel. Chef Shameem has also won numerous awards and is trained in hotel management as well as being the head chef.

Originally, the table was booked for two people but there was an incident on the day that we were supposed to visit where the kitchen was closed, so to rectify that unfortunate situation, they allowed me to change the booking for 4 people (which is why there is so much food on the table, although my eyes are always bigger than my belly).

I really wanted to try their fresh passion fruit juice but they had run out, and my sister wanted to try one of their milkshakes but their machine wasn’t working, which was slightly annoying but their mocktails were delicious and made up for it!

The starters were:

Chilli Paneer £7.25 – a firm favourite in most Indian restaurants, the sauce was sweet and sour and the paneer was fried and delicious

Lamb Sheekh Kebab £7.95 – so juicy and delicious, the portion sizes were great and I could’ve had about 4 more

Lasooni Murgh Tikka £7.25 – my least favourite of the bunch, I thought the chicken was cooked extremely well, but there was just so flavour and who wants plain chicken in an Indian restaurant?!

Chilly Garlic Mogo £6.99 – I love mogo, when it’s done well it’s deliciously crispy and soft inside. The sauce was spicy and sweet – gorgeous!

Chilli Paneer
Sheekh Kebabs
Chilly Garlic Mogo
Lasooni Murgh Tikka
L-R: Chilli Paneer, Sheekh Kebabs, Lasooni Murgh Tikka, Chilly Garlic Mogo

I was a big fan of the portion sizes, Indian restaurants don’t usually scrimp on their portions but even so, I was impressed with the amount of food that we were served. There was a good amount of time between starters and mains as well, we had enough time to digest our starters before the mains arrived.

The mains were:

Kadai Chicken £9.95: The sauce for this curry was slightly bland for me, it’s more a mild flavour but the chicken was lovely and moist and the peppers were a nice addition.

Butter Chicken £9.95: You usually can’t go wrong with a butter chicken, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one! There was nothing bad about it per se, the sauce for it was just not as flavoursome as I’ve had previously

Punjabi Gosht £9.95: This was probably the nicest curry that we tried, it was spicy and full of flavour, so good with both rice and naan. The lamb was so tender and moist, a must try!

Baigan Bhartha £7.25: I always like to get one veggie dish in the midst of all of the meaty dishes, and this is a firm favourite of mine to try at most Indian restaurants (although my Mum’s is better!). This was quite average in my opinion, I’ve definitely had better elsewhere (at home), and I felt like it was slightly under-seasoned.

Kadai Chicken
Butter Chicken
Baigan Bhartha
Punjabi Gosht
Garlic Naan

To accompany our food, we had plain rice and garlic naan breads. I liked the fact that they cut the breads up into quarters and they were very soft and buttery.

The best part of the whole evening was definitely the dessert. I’m not the biggest fan of Indian desserts (I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth anyways, but Indian desserts are ridiculous) so when the waiter brought over the dessert menu and I saw chocolate gateaux, I was so excited! The cake was gooey and chocolately and just delish, it was exactly the right amount of sweetness after a heavy meal.

Chocolate gateaux

All in all, the meal wasn’t perfect, but it was of good enough quality that I would recommend the majority of the food. The service was good, although we were one of about 3 tables so I would like to see how it would be when it’s busy.

*My meal at Cinnamon Lounge was kindly gifted, but as always, all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more info


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