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If you know me IRL, you’ll know that I have been to Dubai near enough 7 times in my lifetime. That’s not me bragging by the way, if you have ever visited you will know that 7 times is a lot of times to visit Dubai. In my opinion, it is over-hyped, expensive and pretty fake and I don’t think I will be returning in a good wee while.

A-n-y-w-a-y-s, on that happy note, this is what I got up to on my recent trip to Dubai!

Where I Stayed

We pushed the yacht out and we only went and booked a bloody penthouse! We stayed at the Ramada Plaza in Jumeriah Beach and it was huuuuge! There was a big group of us and we still had about 2 bathrooms, a dining room and a living room that we didn’t use at all, so much space! The service was slightly lacking and it took longer than it should have to check in which delayed our day and was slightly annoying.

Breakfast buffet was great and they offered us dinner one night due to the late check-in mentioned above, and that was to a really good standard as well. The pool area was never crowded but I wish that the pool area was on a higher floor, as it was on the ground/first floor and there are multiple skyscrapers surrounding the hotel, there is barely any sun which isn’t good for those who want a tan!

Day 1

We arrived at Dubai International Airport at 7.30am, after heading off from London at 9.30pm. The Emirates flight was amazing as per usual, their service is always brilliant. We ended up taking the Metro to our hotel, which was a slightly confusing journey if you’re not used to the Metro. It was much cheaper than a taxi would have been though and it was fairly easy to navigate for the most part.

As I’ve mentioned about 5 times, it took a wee while to check in, but afterwards, we grabbed some McDonalds and got ready for an evening out. Our dinner was booked for a restaurant at the top of the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. As a result, Atmosphere Restaurant is the tallest restaurant in the world, no biggie. Food was really good and the service always came with a smile. It’s pricey (what else can you expect from the tallest restaurant in the world?), but I was glad to have the experience.

Day 2

The next day saw us taking a cheeky little yacht trip on the Dubai Marina. Luckily the boat had a downstairs area which was fully air-conditioned, thank God, because apparently I get sea-sick *eye-roll*. They provided us with lots and lots of water which was so needed, as well as a platter of fresh fruit.

That evening, we had booked an evening out to the infamous Cavalli Club, which although was pricey (as are most things in Dubai unfortunately, we paid around £100 for a table with 2 bottles of vodka, mixers and shisha) it was surprisingly, an amazing night out. The entertainment was brilliant, they had beautiful dancers and the music was on point. If I didn’t have to pay so much, I would definitely go back!

Day 3

Day three saw a bloody huge hangover (I’m most definitely not 18 anymore!) and a few of us had booked to go to the Saffron Brunch at the Atlantis Hotel on the Palm.

Quite frankly, I’m not sure if it was the hangover or just my experiences of bottomless brunches here in London, but this was just not my cup of tea at all. The music was just too loud, everyone was hyped up and it felt like a club instead of a restaurant at 2pm in the afternoon, I just didn’t enjoy it at all. Having said that, the selection of drinks and food were out of the this world – if there is anything I can guarantee in Dubai is that I will be eating well! If you haven’t tried it before, you may well love it, but this experience wasn’t for me, and I will not be returning.

Day 4

At this point, I was so tired of Dubai and I wasn’t feeling well, so whilst the others in the group headed over to the Candypants Pool Party (which incidentally looked 100x better than the brunch I went to the previous day – Who me? Bitter? Never!), I decided to stay at the apartment and spend the day lounging by the pool instead. On a whim, I decided to head over to the spice souks before my relaxing began, and I’m so glad I did! I picked up some spices for my Momma, and bartered with the locals.

In the evening, we went on a walk along the beach and we ended up eating at a beautiful Indian restaurant with the most gorgeous decor, called Bombay Bungalow which was located literally on the Dubai Marina. Food was lovely, and after a few days of eating heavy food, it was very welcome.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back home and I was so so happy to be back home in London. If anyone is planning a trip to Dubai, I hope you find my travel diary interesting and inspiring – I’d love to know if any of you have ever been and what you got up to!


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