My Current Daily Skincare Routine

*Disclaimer: As with any skin care regime, it’s important to do a test patch first. Everyone’s skin is different so do not continue if your skin does not react well.

So the last time I wrote a skincare post, it was about 2 years ago and my photography sucked (you can read the post here) but it made me realise that I hadn’t written an updated skincare post in so long! I have been using some amazing products recently, and even though my skin isn’t flawless, it’s still in pretty great condition!


I use a daily moisturiser which is the Derma Loch Rejuvaderm Moisturiser* that I generally use in the morning. It does feel a bit sticky at first, but it does sink into my skin really well and I really like the smell of it, it’s not too floral which I really dislike in skincare products. It has also lasted me well over three months so at the price of £15, it is worth the money and I would definitely purchase for reals.

For after cleansing, I have the world-class serum from SKN-RG called the Evolution Alpha Serum* which comes in at a hefty price of £75 so it’s not a casual purchase by any means! It feels wonderful on my skin and I love the bottle, it feels very expensive (which it slightly is!).

For my night cream, I have been using the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Night Lotion for the best part of two years, it’s such a lovely thing to apply just before bed. It smells amazing, very fresh and not over-powering in the slightest. It also sinks into the skin really well, which is always a positive before going to sleep! The best part is that it only cost £10, so reasonable!

Facial Sprays

As well as the moisturiser, I also received the facial spray or the Natural Skin Nourishment Spray from Derma Loch* as they prefer to call it. I love using this, I occasionally have the dry patch of skin on my face and this does a great job of preventing it. Their products are renowned for helping skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and can all be used daily. The price is the same as the moisturiser, which is £15.

Another spray I like to use is the Body Shop Mandarin Energising Face Mist which just smells delightful, I love it so much! I don’t use it everyday, but I find that whenever I do use it, it leaves my skin glowing and feeling so refreshed. At £6 it’s an absolute steal!


Unless someone makes a cheaper alternative of the same product, I don’t think I will ever stop using the Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle, it always leaves my skin feeling fantastic and I find that a small pump is more than enough. I also love that the muslin cloths that you get, I’ve re-used mine so many times so it’s also ecologically-friendly! As I had the two cloths already, I bought this cleanser for £17, but the original scented cleanser with the two cloths costs the same!


I actually won this Sanoflore Certified Organic Aqua Magnifica Peppermint Skin-Perfecting Purifying Toner (bit of a mouthful) in an Instagram giveaway (thanks to my babes Em Sheldon) but I think I would actually buy this, because I have really enjoyed using this. It’s lasted me for so long and it smells so nice. It does a great job of removing any make-up that my cleanser may not have done and it leaves my skin feeling extra clean and slightly shiny lol (not sure if that’s a good thing or not!). It costs £14.40, possibly even more with all the discounts, which is so good!

Face Masks

I love me a face mask, you’ll know this if you follow me on Instagram as I regularly partake in #SelfCareSundays which usually include a large glass of red wine and a face mask, because really and truly there’s not much that that dynamic duo can’t fix. The Body Shop do a fantastic range of masks, the majority of which I own. One of my favourites is the Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask, it always leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished (which is exactly what it says on the tin!). It’s well worth the money at £17 because I’ve had it for months and a little goes a long way!

For the times that I can’t be bothered to whip out my face mask brush, I was lucky enough to receive some charcoal sheet masks by ProCoal* which are the handiest things for those lazy Sundays! They are super moisturising, as they contain a whole bottle of serum in each mask and as a result, leave your skin feeling super hydrated. The masks come in a pack of 3 which cost £14.99.

I’m also eating moderately well and (trying to) exercise 3x a week, as well as committing myself to drinking at least 2 litres of water a day.

So that is my current skincare routine, it is really working for me at the moment and I’m really happy with the way that my skin is looking. What is your current skincare routine?

*This post contains PR samples but as always, all opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more info


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