The Old Thorns Hotel | Review

Weekends away have become my absolute fave. There is nothing better than getting away from the hustle and bustle in London for a few days (preferably in the countryside) just to relax and to take some time to calm your mind. This cheeky lil’ weekend away coincided with my birthday so my boyf and I decided to go all out and book a 4* hotel in Hampshire called The Old Thorns Hotel, Golf and Spa.

The grounds of the hotel were simply stunning, even though we visited when it was a dreary day with frequent bouts of rain (!). The golf course was huge, and I loved sitting in the bar overlooking the course watching people have golfing lessons (I would definitely want lessons because my swing is shocking).

The room was lovely, very spacious and the bed was huge and so comfortable. They also left some chocolate truffles for my birthday which was very cute! The main restaurant was a carvery and it was an absolute dream, because a roast is my absolute favourite thing in the entire world (yes with Tabasco – check my Insta stories hehe).

Howeverrrrr. I think the service left a lot to be desired. There was more than one occasion where the staff were certainly not as polite as they could/should have been. I don’t expect to be treated like royalty or anything, but I do expect courteous staff. I just feel like customer service would make this hotel so much better and a little politeness and thoughtfulness would go a long way. To be honest, there are plenty of amazing hotels out there so I have no need to stay here again, it’s simply not worth the money.

Have you ever stayed at the Old Thorns? What did you think?


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