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I won’t lie, I’m not organised. I’m not one of those people who stick to lists and make plans and do things on time (very rarely am I on time for anything!).

But I’m a trier ~God loves a trier am-I-rite~

So when Satsuma Loans asked if I could spend £50 to do my shopping for the week, in the words of Barney Stinson: challenge accepted!

In all honesty, this was probably the most fun task I’ve ever done for my blog, because I do the weekly shop for myself anyways and I love looking for tips and tricks. I shop around and I use MySupermarket so that I can find the cheapest products for the best value. Satsuma Loans have a very helpful page on their website for their handy tips and tricks! I also buy products at a certain time when they are about to be put on reduced hehe – it’s the same product for less money! Especially when you are going to eat the product that day or the next day, it makes total sense!

 Shopping List

Total: £49.91

Day One


Porridge with sliced bananas

Uses: Porridge, Milk, Banana


Quorn Chicken Salad

Uses: Quorn Chicken, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber 


Baked Salmon with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli

Uses salmon, spices, potatoes, broccoli

Day Two


Bagel with smoked salmon Philadelphia and sliced cucumber

Bagel, Philadelphia, cucumber


Mixed vegetable pasta

Pasta, peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn garlic, tomatoes, pasta sauce


Stuffed peppers with wedges

Peppers, Quorn mince, sweetcorn, brown rice, garlic, potatoes

Day Three


Mashed avocados on wholemeal toast

Avocados, wholemeal bread


Homemade pizzas

Pittas, pesto, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn


Glazed Salmon with brown rice and garlic spinach

Salmon, soy sauce, chilli sauce, garlic, brown rice, spinach

Day Four


Weetabix with strawberries

Weetabix, milk, strawberries


Creamy spinach gnocchi

Gnocchi, spinach, garlic + herb Philadelphia, garlic, onions


Quesadillas with salad

Quesadilla kit, avocados, Quorn chicken, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes 

Day Five


Porridge with blueberries

Porridge, milk, blueberries


Halloumi and pepper skewers with brown rice

Halloumi, peppers, brown rice


Pasta bake

Pasta, peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, pasta bake sauce

Day Six


Omelette with spinach and tomatoes

Eggs, spinach, tomatoes


Vegetable soup with bread

Broccoli, potatoes, spinach, onion, garlic


Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti, pesto, mushrooms, Quorn mince

Day Seven


Scrambled eggs and mushrooms on wholemeal toast

Eggs, wholemeal bread, mushrooms, garlic


Halloumi salad

Halloumi, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, dressing


Quorn Chicken stir-fry

Quorn chicken, stir-fry pack, mushrooms, peppers

So that’s what I eat and shop for in a week! What would you buy if you had £50?

 *This post was kindly sponsored by Satsuma Loans but as always, all opinions are my own! Read my disclaimer to see how I work with brands.

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