5 Podcasts I’m Currently Loving



Apparently I’ve become so unsociable these days that when I’m not on the underground watching one of the shows that I’ve previously been writing about (here and here), I’m plugged into my phone listening to podcasts!

Who says millennials aren’t sociable eh…

After listening to a few recommendations from friends and finding a few myself, I thought it was about time to write up my favourites.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

Possibly the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to, this is definitely one to listen to on your own! This podcast is Jamie Morton, James Cooper and Alice Levine reading and basically ripping the shit out of Jamie’s dad’s ‘erotic literature’ called Belinda Blinks ~spoiler: it’s hilarious~ if you haven’t listened to it already, you need to! I just love the banter between the three hosts, and I also the love the fact that you can actually buy Rocky Flintstone’s books on Amazon lolsss. Also the guys are actually doing a show at the Royal Albert Hall, and quite a few places around the UK and around the world – it just shows you how successful the podcast has been.



This is much more of a serious podcast but this was one of the very podcasts I ever listened to and I couldn’t not include it because it still is one of the most amazing podcasts I’ve ever listened to. Season 1 explores the 1999 murder of a girl called Hae Min Lee and the alleged murderer, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. I can’t even tell you interesting it is, I was so hooked on the story and I’ve had many heated debates on who I think murdered Hae Min Lee. I’d love to know what you guys think about it!

Private Parts

I’m a big fan of reality telly (give me TOWIE, MIC and Love Island over Eastenders any day of the week!), and Made in Chelsea is definitely one of my favourites! So when a girl at work suggested I listen to podcast from Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle, I was so excited! It’s so funny, I frequently have moments when I laugh out loud (you’d think that would stop me especially on the Tube, but it really really doesn’t) – they’ve had some super funny guests on but honestly some of my favourite episodes have been just the two of them chatting shit. The premise of the podcast is for Jamie and Francis to read their diaries each week, and even though their lives are on MiC every Monday, (you’d think that’d be enough gossip, but ~no~ it’s so interesting knowing what actually happens behinds the cameras) – LOVE!


Always Open

This one was a weird recommendation because I’d never heard of the media company Rooster Teeth before this, but this podcast was so easy to get into! I caught up and now I’m slacking again because I’ve been focused on Private Parts ~whoops~ but I will be catching up soon! They also film their podcasts so you can watch it as well if you don’t want to listen to it. I just like their style, they chat about interesting and relevant things, they do a Shot Out where viewers can submit their choice of a shot, and it’s just so fun! When a podcast makes me want to be there, that’s when I know it’s good!


At Home With…

I couldn’t write a blog post about podcasts and not include this brilliant one from two of my favourite Youtubers. This podcast is hosted by Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton, and they basically interview and explore the homes of some incredible women, from Liz Earle and Terry De Gunzberg to Madeline Shaw and Giovanna Fletcher. The questions they ask are really insightful and it makes me appreciate the women that they interviewed even more!

What podcasts have you been loving? I’d love some more recommendations so do leave me a comment below with your faves!


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