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I think it’s pretty obvious by now that I am a huge lover of travelling. Whether that it is a week away in an all-inclusive resort or a short European weekend break, I love hopping on a plane and exploring. So when my sister and I booked a lil’ spontaneous trip to the second biggest city in Germany, I was so excited!



Now, I have visited Berlin (my first ever solo trip, ah the memories!), I wasn’t sure what to expect from Hamburg. I’d heard that it was a super chilled place, and that definitely rung true! We didn’t have a lot planned either, so I was excited to get exploring!


We booked fairly last minute so we ended up staying in an Ibis near Hamburg Airport, which wasn’t ideal; if we’d booked earlier or had more of a budget, I would’ve preferred to stay more in the central part of Hamburg, but it turns out that you don’t have to stay in central Hamburg to be close to it! The airport is about 25 minutes away from central Hamburg and has direct links to buses and the underground system, so it wasn’t a bad shout at all!


The Ibis hotel was very lovely, especially the reception. The room was decent, everything you need for a standard one evening! But the thing I really loved about it was the staff, I can’t even tell you how helpful they were!


We headed out to central Hamburg and went straight to the Museum Dialog Im Dunkeln which is a museum for the senses. They basically have two different tours: Dialog in the Dark and Dialog in the Silence. The dark one is basically an experience as if you are blind, so it’s in total darkness and you get to go through a course of everyday activities. We really wanted to do this one but unfortunately the tickets were sold out, but instead we decided to go for the Dialog in Silence, which was a similar experience except with it being total silence as if you were deaf. It was such an incredible thing to experience, we learned how to sign and how to communicate with our hands, and the whole thing was run by a lady who was deaf herself – so incredibly eye-opening.


After the museum, we walked around the city and ended up going out to eat at such an amazing restaurant called Die Gute Botschaft which had the most amazing food. It was a Japanese fusion restaurant that offered 3 types of meals: 3, 5 or 7 courses which were totally random and absolutely delicious. Couldn’t recommend this place enough! The service was also amazing, the waitresses were super attentive.



The Miniatur Wunderland had been on my list ever since I knew I was visiting Hamburg. It was annoying that we got such late admission tickets, but the museum itself was so interesting, and nowhere like I’d ever been before! So much time and effort has gone into making this place, it’s definitely somewhere to visit if you are ever in the city. It is a bit annoying to get to though, it’s on the river but we found it quite a far walk from the nearest tube station, about a 20 minute walk. To be fair the weather was really nice so it was good walk but just be prepared if it’s not as nice weather!



The next day, we made plans to visit a place that used to be an energy bunker called Vju that offered thousands of people protection in 1943 from the air raids. It was an incredible place, full of history and I’m so glad we got to visit it. We had a coffee at the top (well hot choc but same same), in their cafe called ‘room with a vju‘ which made me chuckle!





All in all, Hamburg was a lovely city break, with not too much to see so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Plus the people are so friendly so you don’t feel nervous to go out and about by yourself.


Have you visited Hamburg before? Did you enjoy it?




  1. May 21, 2018 / 9:30 am

    How wonderful! Germany looks gorgeous, I’d love to visit. How great you travelled to Berlin alone, I’ve only ever gone to Valencia, Madrid and alicante alone (basically spain where I’m comfortable!)

    I do like a good Ibis, you know what you’re getting with them, it’s great to know the transport links are good. When i take the plunge and visit Hamburg I’ll definitely take a look at that hotel. The museum of the senses sounds fab too

    thanks for a great post.

    (also, aren’t last minute trips great! you don’t have to wait so long haha!)

    • divya
      May 21, 2018 / 10:28 am

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I definitely want to do more solo trips, especially shorter European city breaks which are easier to do.

      I have only visited Marbella, so I definitely want to visit more cities in Spain!

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