Autumn/Winter Candle Picks


As I’ve mentioned many times before on this blog, I freakin’ love this time of year. There is quite literally nothing better than getting into a cosy onesie or pyjamas, and lighting a few beautiful-smelling candles to brighten up those dark, chilly evenings. Now, don’t get me wrong, I pretty much burn candles all year long. But now is the time to burn those warm, rich scents that are too heavy for summertime (yes I really thought long and hard about the process).

I have a few faves that I have purchased time and time again, and I thought it was about time to show my favourite candles on here. They are a mix of brands, as well as a mix of prices so hopefully there is something for everyone!

Wickford & Co:

These candles were possibly the best value for money I have ever purchased. I was genuinely so excited after spotting these in my local Home Bargains store (FYI, it is so cool in there, I wanted to buy everything until my credit card said no). I picked up three huge jar candles for £3.99 each – yes you read that correctly, £3.99! I couldn’t believe it! I bought three scents: Gingerbread, Vanilla Snowflake and Halloween.



They are such a great dupe for the Yankee jars, and such better value for money considering these are £20 cheaper! The best thing about it was that they are actually so worth the money. The smell of the Gingerbread and the Vanilla Cupcake candle was fairly strong and made my whole house smell so lovely. The Halloween candle’s smell wasn’t as strong I found, so that was the only downside for that particular one, however all three candles burn so clean, and have actually lasted so long!



I have been so impressed with them that I will definitely be returning. These candles are so handy for gifts as well because they are so cheap and good value!

I also couldn’t find the links for any of the candles that Home Bargains do online, so you should definitely pop into your local store and see if you can pick any of these bad boys up!

Amphora Aromatics:

I really love AA Skincare’s products, so when they released their home fragrances and sent me a candle* to try out, I was so excited! I knew their candles would be in a festive scent, and I received the Nutmeg scent. I had a peek at their other scents, and they have some other beautiful-sounding ones so I will definitely be having a little shop soon – they would also make perfect little stocking fillers!


The candle I received wasn’t huge, but it has burned really well. The scent was actually really surprisingly lovely and festive. I think those spicy scents for candles are usually associated with cinnamon and although I do love those scents too, I think other spices are often overlooked!


The brand also doesn’t use any animal products or petroleum-based paraffin wax. The glass jar can also be re-used (fun fact: where possible, I always try and re-use my glass candle jars, they make great trinket holders!)

Bath and Body Works

I know that we don’t have Bath and Body Works in the UK, but I ordered these with my sister when she went to Dubai hehehe, and luckily when she went they had full stock of their Autumn/Winter scents so I obviously ordered a few! Unfortunately, she could only bring back a few but they were the ones I wanted so I wasn’t too annoyed!



I ordered two scents: Leaves and Autumn – purely because I’d heard great things about both. If anyone has any other suggestions for great Winter scents, do leave me a comment below, as I’m heading to New York in a few weeks – eeeek!


Leaves is such a great Autumn/Winter scent and does not smell like trodden on leaves (lols), it’s such a lovely warm and spicy scent, with notes of apple and cinnamon, so it reminds me of a apple pie baking.


Autumn is a similar type of scent, more stronger with the apple scents and it smells very fresh and clean. It reminds me of a crisp day at the park or something, such a lovely scent to have burning in the house on a chilly Autumn day!


I love Bath and Body Works’ candles, they really are my absolute favourites. They burn so cleanly and their scents are always long-lasting and not too over-powering. They always have great sales on too, so if you live in the US you are in for a treat!

Yankee Candle

I couldn’t write a blog post about candles and not include the infamous Yankee Candles. I have also bought a Yankee Candle advent calendar this year, which I’m super excited about!


I have to be honest, sometimes I don’t think it’s worth the money for the bigger candles with Yankee Candles, but I really like these smaller candles, like the votives and the tealights because even though they are much smaller, they still last for ages and definitely don’t break the bank.

I have bought a few votives in the festive scents, and these were a few of my faves, although there are a lot more that I want to try! These scents are: Red Apple Wreath, Snow in Love, Christmas Cookie and Cinnamon Stick.

Red Apple Wreath reminds me of Autumn from Bath and Body Works, it’s a sweet scent with notes of cinnamon and apple, and it’s warm and buttery.

Snow in Love is more of a creamy and powdery scent, and it gives more of a fresh citrus scent. I prefer those fresh scents rather the super sweet ones, and this is my ideal scent.


Christmas Cookie is definitely one of the sweeter scents, however it’s a lot sweeter when you first smell it cold. When I started burning it in the kitchen, it gave the room a light sweet scent, as if you’re baking (maybe cookies, just from the top of my head).

Cinnamon Stick is one of the scents that automatically comes to mind when someone says ‘Christmas scents’. It is a favourite ingredient in all the popular Christmas sweet treats and to me, it wouldn’t be an Autumn/Winter candle blog post without mentioning at least one cinnamon-scented candle!


I recently visited Ikea with my Mum to do some Christmas shopping and get a few home bits, and I completely fell in love with the store. It is absolutely incredible, it gives you so many good ideas for making your house look like Pinterest-esque.


The first thing I saw when I got there, were these beautiful candles and candle holders. The candles were £1.75 – I couldn’t believe how cheap they were! They were reduced in price from £2.50 which is still a bloody good price! I bought the scents: Sweet Vanilla, Apples + Pears, Red Berries and Blackberry, and they all smell absolutely delish. I have only included the Vanilla one in this blog post though, as it’s the only one that I would burn around this time of year.


I found that the smell was stronger once it started to burn and left the room with a beautiful sweet smell, but not too overpowering; it smelled like waffles and ice-cream, which left me craving dessert so that was the only downside! It is so worth the money, and even though the drive is quite long for me, it is well worth it just for the candles! I also bought the candle-holders for all 4 candles which were £2 each!

So those were my Autumn/Winter candle picks! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you have any other suggestions, please do comment below and let me know which candles you have been loving!



  1. November 21, 2017 / 7:41 pm

    I love burning candles this time of the year but unfortunately living in Uni halls means I can’t burn any candles so I am really jealous!! You will love New York, I went in January this year and it is honestly so magical but bloody freezing at the same time!! Sephora is just crazy also. I loved reading your post Divya and will be returning frequently to keep unto date. Thannkyou for tagging me in Twitter!!

    Much Love
    Niamh xx

    • divya
      November 21, 2017 / 7:58 pm

      Awww thank you so much for your lovely comment Niamh! I hated that about uni, couldn’t wait to move into my own house after halls! And I’m so excited for New York, this will be my first time so if you have any tips, I’d really appreciate them!

  2. November 23, 2017 / 4:44 am

    I never thought of getting candles at IKEA! I will have to check it out and see if the US stores carry the same scents.

    • divya
      November 23, 2017 / 11:27 am

      They were such good value for money! I’m so jealous that you have B+BW though! Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Elizabeth Seal
    December 10, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Ahhh I wish I could try all of these, they sound amazing! Loving your blog, I can’t wait to read more 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’d love to invite you to come win a big bundle of Festive Disney goodies haha :D)

    • divya
      December 10, 2017 / 9:51 pm

      Aww thank-you Elizabeth! I will definitely head over, thanks for reading!

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