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It’s probably not a huge secret and being British it’s possibly expected, but I am a huge tea fan. I just love the stuff, whether that’s first thing in the morning, last thing at night or bang in the middle of the day. My favourite is the typical classic English Breakfast tea, just because you can’t go wrong with it! Bit of milk, and two sugars YUM. Since working in central London and in a busy office, a caffeine hit has become too frequent for my liking.

So you can imagine my total surprise and joy when teapigs contacted me to ask if I could try out some of their new range of #feelgoodteas*. The #feelgoodteas include: the clean n green tea, the up-beet tea, and the snooze tea. I’ve also started to look out my health and fitness a lot more (which you can read here), so the fact that they were #feelgoodteas were just perfect!

My first reaction when opening my parcel from teapigs was the incredible smell coming from the package. All three teas had beautiful strong smells, and even now when opening my cupboard it’s the first thing you smell. The packaging is also lovely, it’s their classic packets of tea, but the tea temples are so different to any other tea I’ve tried. The tea itself is so colourful and the temples feel very luxurious!


I have been drinking the teas everyday for around a week now so I thought it was the right time to write up exactly how I felt drinking them. The teas were designed to fit in around your average day wherever you work or even if you don’t work at all! The green tea is to be consumed in the morning, the up-beet tea is for an afternoon hit, and the snooze is for bedtime.

Clean N Green Tea


 By drinking this tea first thing in the morning, it is designed to help you detox, and boy does it! The tea is made of lemongrass, ginger, green tea, liquorice root, coconut pieces, dandelion leaves, lemon peel, natural flavourings, and marigold flower petals. All of these unique flavours give it a light and slightly sweet taste. It is not as strong as I thought it would be given the smell of the tea itself, and it was really refreshing. The really great thing is that you can have it hot like you would with a normal tea, or iced by making is as normal and adding ice cubes. Genius!

Up-Beet Tea


If you have ever felt that insane lack of energy after lunch, then this is the tea for you! This tea is designed to give you a boost and it is perfect for a pre-gym workout, as well as a great replacement for a coffee or sugary drink that I would normally drink when I feel that all-too-familiar post-lunch slump. Made from hibiscus, ginger, green tea and beetroot (hence ‘up-beet‘), it wasn’t my favourite taste. However it does taste quite sweet and I got used to the taste even if it wasn’t my favourite. I definitely wasn’t craving any sweet drinks or snacks for a good few hours!



In case you hadn’t guessed from the name, this tea helps you sleep. This tea was the one I was most excited about because I’ve struggled with my sleeping pattern. I am going to write a longer blog post about my recent insomnia as I’ve been using some new products for it so watch out for that! This tea is made with chamomile, lavender and apple, and it smells quite strongly of lavender, which did at first slightly put me off. But I got used to the smell because it doesn’t taste at all strongly of lavender, so it’s just like having something great to smell at the same time! I can definitely confirm that it sends you straight to the land of nod – if anyone is having trouble sleeping, you have to try this!


Have you ever tried teapigs tea? Which tea is your favourite?

*This post contains PR samples, but as always all opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer here for more info

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