Christmas Bucket List

Last December, there were so many Christmas-themed things that I wanted to do, and I didn’t get a chance to do everything. So this year, I thought I would blog the list so I would be more inspired to (hopefully) complete everything!

1. Visit a Christmas market
I love Christmas markets sooo much! The dream is thatone day I will visit Germany and go to a real life Christmas market but for now I’ll have to stick with London’s Christmas markets (which aren’t too shabby!). I definitely want to visit the Southbank market this year! 

2. Visit Winter Wonderland
This is kind of number one as well, because Winter Wonderland has a great Christmas market so I’m kind of cheating here (oops!), but I really want to go to Winter Wonderland this year. I have been before, but me and my OH went when it was really rainy and muddy, so it wasn’t fun. This year, I feel like it will be super busy but it’s worth it for the magical feels!

3. Spend all day watching Christmas films
I’d be lying if I said I didnt do this every year anyways LOL, but it’s a must when it comes to December! This year, I have to watch Arthur Christmas and Nativity because I’ve never seen them (soz)! Elf and Love Actually always make the list! As does the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special!

4. Watch a Pantomime
“IT’S BEHIND YOU!” I have ALWAYS wanted to watch a Panto during Christmas, I just have to find someone to come with me! If anyone has any recommendations, please do comment below! 

5. Find the perfect scented candle
Not that I dont have a million candles anyways but I will always be hunting for my perfect scent. As much as I love all the Christmas scents, I haven’t found the scent that I want to repurchase again and again. Here’s hoping for this year!

6. Buy special Christmas pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve
I’ve seen Zoella do this every year and it always makes me want to do it as well! I want to buy matching ones for my sisters and Mum but I don’t know if they will wear them!

7. Go ice-skating

There are so many amazing places to go ice-skating in London every year and I’ve got my eye on a few. I’m not the best skater in the world, but after 5 minutes of stumbling around like Bambi, I get the slight hang on of it, and then the hour is over! It’s always weird when you put your shoes on and the floor isn’t icy?
8. Make the perfect hot chocolate
Hot chocolate around this time of year is just insane, and as much as I love going to Starbucks and Costa for festive drinks, there’s something so cozy about sitting at home in warm pyjamas and drinking a homemade hot chocolate whilst watching all the Christmas films. I need whipped cream, mini marshmallows and mini candy canes!
9. Kiss under the mistletoe
I have hardly seen any mistletoe this year, but next time I do, I’m dragging my OH and giving him a big old smooch, because it’s Christmas! And what’s Christmas without a little smooch?
10. Bake Christmas cookies
This was originally going to be make a gingerbread house, but I’m not a huge fan of gingerbread and I don’t think anyone in my house will help me eat a whole house. Maybe when I have kids it can be a cute little activity to do, but for now (whilst I can), I’m going to be selfish and make Christmas cookies and eat all of them myself, YAY!
What’s on your Christmas bucket list? 

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