Bath & Body Works Candle Haul + GIVEAWAY!

Yes I’ve joined the madness. Well it was only going to be a matter of time wasn’t it? Can you even imagine my disappointment when I visited the most important place in Dubai Mall (yes you read that correctly), only to find that the Autumn scents don’t sell there until November?!

But anyway I bought 6 beautiful all-year round scents instead and this might’ve been better because I’m insanely in love with all 6! I would’ve loved to get more but my suitcase wouldn’t have been happy! They were doing a great deal in the store when I visited, so I got them for around £11 each whereas they would be around £18 if I bought them from the US. Every cloud…

P.S. If you read my tweet then you’ll know that my 6th (and favourite scented) candle broke in my suitcase on the flight home, which as you can imagine, broke my heart. But it was only the glass jar that smashed, so I can still light the candle which is not as bad as I originally thought!

P.P.S. I’m also very bad at describing smells so don’t be put off by what I write, I did try and find the actual descriptions from the website, but I couldn’t find all of them (soz).
Okay lets begin!

Mahogany Teakwood

Before anyone shoots me, yes this is a picture I stole from eBay. I had to because my candle smashed and I had to involve it in this blog post because this scent without a doubt was my absolute favourite. Nothing in the world smells better than a man fresh out of the shower (to me lols). It’s such a manly, musky scent, which I so prefer to floral and sweet scents. 

Bergamot Waters

A lush blend of blue bergamot waters, creamy sandalwood and a hint of sugared citrus.

I love these manly scents. This smells like aftershave and when a guy starts getting ready for a night out, which is also one of my favourite smells ever. I also loved the colour of this candle. 

Seaside Gardenia

This was my Mum’s favourite scent, it’s very strong with hints of floral, but its very fresh at the same time. Almost like a sea garden (whaaaat). Lol I’m so bad at this.

Midnight Blue Citrus

Notes of: Sparkling Tangerine, Apple Water, Orange Blossom Nectar.

I loved the colour of this, like an ocean blue colour. It smells so fresh and, even though its got citrus notes, its not overpowering.

Dark Kiss

A seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean.

This is quite musky, the scent is very sexy (not sure if thats the right word, but I’m going with it). Very much suited to my bedroom 😉

Paris Amour

From Paris, with love! Like a romantic stroll through the City of Love, Paris Amour is a dreamy blend of French tulips with a pop of pink champagne.

Paris smells good! It does smell a touch floral, but its just the right amount. 

I also spent a certain amount so they gave me a free bag! Just as well, because my suitcase was SO going to be over the limit! But how cute! I love the colour.

And now for the exciting part for you guys! I’m giving away this adorable little PocketBlac in the scent of Perfect Beach Day (a beachy blend of watermelon, fresh coconut & sparkling bergamot).
All you have to do is be following me on Twitter @dizzingheight – and retweet the tweet that I have linked here. THAT’S IT!

This giveaway will be open until 31st October 2016 and is open to UK residents only.

What’s your favourite candle from Bath & Body Works?

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