Motivational Mondays ii

I’ve done another of these posts which you can find here, but I felt like it was time for another one.

I know that we can all feel the stress and pressures of life. Whether you are at uni or college, or at work, you can find yourself stressed a lot of the time. For myself personally I rarely let on to others when I’m feeling stressed because I always want to champion this positive outlook on life, but sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying more on your shoulders by pretending to be happy when you’re not. 

I just wanted this post to promote the fact that it’s okay to be sad or stressed or under pressure. We are all humans and it’s a fact of life that no matter how happy and positive we are, we can all have our down days, and that’s okay too ❤️

I was actually watching Inside Out when I was writing this (one of my fave Disney films btw, highly recommended if you haven’t already!), and I think that film is so great at explaining that you sometimes need a little sadness to appreciate the happy moments in life. 

Do share this with anyone you feel like needs a little Monday Motivation.

#MotivationalMondays – we could all do with a little motivation sometimes. I know I do!

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