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Hi guys,

So because my birthday is on one of the most annoying days of the year (yes, you guessed it, the dreaded V-Day, ugh), I decided to escape to a city that I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time. 

I decided to visit the day before my actual birthday because it was a Saturday and plus I thought it would be kind of cool to wake up in a different country on my birthday.


Our first stop was the infamous Guinness Factory. I know that a lot of people would say that it’s a waste of money but it was actually so cute, and I do enjoy things like that. I feel like there are lots of things in London that I would never do or recommend because they’re so gimmicky but I guess those things go out of the window once you leave your city! Here are a few snaps from my visit:
P.S. Happy St Patricks Day!



We then proceeded to walk around the streets of Dublin which was so fun, and I love doing this when I visit a new city. It was a cold crisp day and I found that Irish people were so friendly and welcoming!




Ahhhh, the infamous Temple Bar. Yes of course we visited this bar (even though I had been warned that it was €5 for a pint of Guinness – whaaaaat?!), and to be honest, the atmosphere was awesome and it is definitely a place to visit (even when it is super gimmicky!)

Ahhhh my favourite part of the day! Before we left our hotel, we asked our receptionist for any recommendations for restaurants because I hate being disappointed with a restaurant and then gorging on McDonalds (this has happened more than once unfortunately). 

If you ever go, order the Boxty fries – best decision we made!!! We also ordered the Boxty pancake wrapped in chicken, I’m probably the worst blogger ever because I forgot to take a picture but you’ll have to take my word for it!


I hope you enjoyed my pictures of Dublin – if anyone ever goes in the near future, I’d love to know where you went (and what you ate! … In the least stalkerish way)

Thanks for reading!

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