Christmas Gift Guide | Best Non-Chocolate Advent Calendars

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I love Christmas and it is no secret! It is one of the best times of the year in my opinion and every year I get so excited in the upcoming months! Advent calendars are one of my favourite things about Christmas simply because of the anticipation that builds up to the Big Day and you get a little treat as well – you can’t go wrong with them!

However, I’m not a huge chocolate geek and so I researched into which other kinds of advent calendars are around and here are my faves – enjoy!

“It’s not *all* about dairy milk you know”

Stationary: £25.00

I think this advent calendar idea is so adorable – you get little toys, pens and erasers for each day leading up to Christmas. There is over £40’s worth of products and you could also win a ticket inside for you to win £250’s worth of Smiggle products 🙂

Ciate: £49.00

One of the more famous non-chocolate advent calendars, this advent calendar contains 23 different coloured nail polishes and a nail file. It is worth over £124 and the brand is so valued that this makes a perfect advent calendar.

Yankee candle

This is definitely one of the most famous advent calendars and for good reason. The Autumn/Winter seasons are (for obvious reasons) the best seasons for burning candles and the Yankee candles are well-known for their beautiful (albeit, sometimes super strong) scents and long-lastedness. 



Suzanne Kauffman: €85.00

This beautiful calendar caters to your stress needs, with 24 different types of ways to relax. This features teas, oils, bath salts and many other way to de-stress during one of the most stressful months of the year!

Gin: £114.95 

I’m not a huge drinker, especially gin (cocktails on the other hand – hellooooo), but I thought this was a super cute advent calendar for anyone who does like gin and it’s just something different. It is quite pricey, because alcohol is expensive so make sure you realllllly like the person before you buy it. Oh and please make sure you’re over 18 😉

Tea: £11.20 

Tea is one of the best goddamn hot drinks ever (however, I am a huge lover of hot drinks anyways, oops). Again, this idea is just different and quite exciting for those of you who enjoy drinking different types of teas. 

Nutcracker: £22.99 

I think this idea is just the cutest idea for an advent calendar! So on 1st December you receive a charm bracelet and then until Christmas Eve you add charms that you open each day! Reasonably priced for a bracelet with charms too – perfect for those little ladies who are too grown up for chocolate!

No7: £38 

One for the older ladies now, No7 is an amazing and trustworthy brand and I think this advent calendar is so worth the price. You get 6 full-sized products and the others are still decent-sized. The products are actually worth £148 so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth!

Body Shop: £60.00 

Another firm favourite in the world of advent calendars, the Body Shop’s calendar is worth £93.00 and features many of the best-selling products, including a variety of shower gels, soaps and make-up items. 

Benefit: £34.50 

The Benefit calendar is always a super popular choice, mostly because of the price and the fact that Benefit is a profound brand. I love the colours in this calendar, it looks so inviting. The only annoying thing is that it is only 12 days and not 24 but you could always buy this one on the side? 😛 It’s also worth £79 and you get some of Benefit’s most popular products 🙂

Beard Oil: £29.99

This is one for the guys – beautiful oils for each day leading up to Christmas. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love touching beards (weirdo alert), and I hate it when the beards are super rough and horrible. It features 24 different scents so your beard (or your man’s beard) will be looking and smelling amazing – just in time for Christmas!

Bath Bombs: £16.60

One for the bath lovers (I know there’s a few of you!). This advent calendar features 24 different bath bombs and fizzers and soaps leading up to Christmas. It has different scents as well so you enjoy some beautiful baths and come out smelling incredible!

Beer: £60.00

Another alcoholic advent calendar – but Christmas is all about being merry so who the hell cares?! This calendar features 24 330ml of hand-picked beers to get any beer-lover through December. It also gives you tasting notes and your own hashtag if you want to discuss your beer of the day.

Thank-you so much for reading – do comment down below and let me know which advent calendar was your favourite!

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