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Hi guys,

First of all, sorry if I’m late but congrats to any of my readers who may have received amazing news and been accepted into University! Although University is not for everyone, my 3 years were incredible and I wouldn’t have changed them for the world. 

There are so many amazing things about Uni: having your own freedom, student loans and making lifelong friends. 

However, it is not always perfect. 

E-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y, no matter how long it may take you, you will start to miss home. Whether it’s the advice, the home-cooked meals, or the financial freedom you may miss, believe me, you will definitely miss it. 

Before you start panicking, I’m here to make you feel better and show you how to make your halls / dorm room your home away from home. 

1) Bedding. Your sheets and duvet covers can make or break your room. Your bed and bedding in halls can often be quite uncomfortable, so it’s really nice to be able to buy luxurious bedding, which will last you 3 years as well! I’ve seen some beautiful bedding on Parachute, the grey one was my favourite. 


2) Cashmere Throws. Similarly part of bedding, a cashmere throw can look and feel so cosy in your room, especially as we are nearing the colder Autumnal / Wintery months. I love the matching grey one from Parachute. 


3) Wall ArtThis can brighten up your walls and can even be a conversation starter between your new neighbours. My University colours were purple so this purple flower appealed to me.


4) Candles. During my 3 years at University, I bought a hell of a lot of candles. I loved the different types of smells and it’s so cosy to have candles burning whilst you work on assignments or relax on your laptop. Yankee candles are always a great investment because they burn for a long time and always smell incredible.


5) Storage. I loved having my own space at University and as a result, I frequently went shopping for things that I ‘needed’. I also hate mess so I invested some money into buying storage boxes so that things could fit well in my room and I could find them easily. Perfect for when you’re running late for your 9am lecture! (Not that I ever did mind :P). Wilkinson’s do some great affordable storage boxes.


6) Desk Lamp. Although you may have one in your dorm room (FYI check what your University will be giving to you in your room, you don’t want to end up with double). You may want to buy your own for your future years or just because you find one that is super cute! I loved this one from Ikea 🙂


7) Laundry Basket. Being practical here, you will need one of these unless you like having dirty clothes thrown around your room (hey, each to their own!). I colour co-ordinated mine to my bedding which I found made my room look super cute! This grey one looks very stylish!


8) A Rug. Like a throw, a rug can make your room look so comfortable and cosy. When your room looks so cosy, you’re less likely to feel homesick, especially when you choose the items yourself. This light grey colour looks incredibly soft and super cosy!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and maybe it has inspired you to invest in some items to make your dorm rooms super cosy and cute! Do comment below and let me know if you liked any of these items for your rooms 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!

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