Monthly Favourites | August

Hi guys,

Where has August gone?! This whole month has been so busy and I have no idea where the time has gone! But Autumn, Winter & Christmas are on their way and that makes me so super excited – eeeeek!

1) Aloe Bright Tooth Gel – this stuff is incredible. This has just made my teeth feel a lot healthier and cleaner each time I use it. It contains no fluoride which is really good for your teeth. I will also leave a link below where you can purchase the tooth gel from. If you would like any more information then let me know 🙂

2) Imperial Leather Hand Wash – this smells so amazing, I actually look forward to washing my hands because the smell stays for so long and leaves my hands feeling so soft afterwards. I also love the packaging and it’s lasted for ages considering that my house has 5 people in it! 😛

3) Garnier Make-Up Removing Gel – I’ve used this a few times this month as I haven’t really put a lot of make-up on, but it’s been really great to use. I love the fact that I can use it around my eyes to remove eye- make-up as I find mascara the hardest product to remove from my face. I was half expecting to still see some black panda eyes the next morning but I was pleasantly surprised! It also left my face feeling lovely and smooth and not dry at all. I did moisturise afterwards because I enjoy moisturising before I go to sleep but my skin did not feel dried out as it sometimes does when I remove make-up. 

4) Aloe Hand Sanitizer – I really enjoy keeping this in my handbag. It’s so handy and always smells amazing. Some hand sanitizers smell quite alcohol-y (you know the smell I’m talking about), and it can smell quite strong and not in a good way! This smells like a blend of aloe and honey and the smell lasts for ages!

5) Star Chef – This is such a random favourite but I have been addicted to this game this entire month. I saw an advert on Facebook and it looked like fun as I love restaurant games, and I’m still playing a month later! 

6) Salmon & Dill Philadelphia & New York Bagels – I have been loving eating this stuff, especially on top of bagels!!! The New York style sesame seed and plain original bagels taste amazing! I love the fact that bagels can be eaten whenever and they’re so quick and easy. 

So that is it once again for my monthly favourites! Do comment below if you have any favourites of your own 🙂

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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