Monthly Favourites | July

Hi guys!

Haven’t done a favourites post in forever, but I had a few favourites from last month that I wanted to share with you, so here goes! 

First of all, I GRADUATED!!! It was such an amazing day and I have featured a more photo-heavy post for all you who get tired of reading long paragraphs (no offence intended – I am often one of those people). I loved my outfit for Graduation, I chose to wear a plain white dress with gold detailing and gold jewellery. I didn’t go OTT, it wasn’t my wedding and in actual fact, I was boiling hot underneath my Hogwarts gown anyways! This dress was from MissGuided, and it took me a while to find but I was super happy with it.

2) As well as my dress, I had a few more graduation favourites. For the first time in forever (#Frozen), I got my nails done, as it was a special occasion. I wanted acrylics but I hate the pain of getting them removed and they ruin my nails for weeks afterwards. So I tried shellac nails instead. My University’s colours are purple so I chose a deep plum colour and it’s actually been around 2/3 weeks and although you can tell they’ve been on for a while as my nails are growing, it’s not that noticeable! I paid £20 at my local nail shop and I think it was worth it, as the acrylics are the same prices and definitely would’ve ruined my nails. 

3) This is not something I would usually include in a favourites, but this made my life so much easier on graduation day. Bearing in mind, I had 4 family members plus myself to get ready on the morning of my graduation: that’s a lot of clothes to be ironed. Enter: The Travel Steamer*. It was just awesome!!! You fill it up with water until the line, hang your clothes on a hanger and steam away. Cue: wrinkle-free clothing. This product is perfect for people who hate ironing (which is the majority of you probably haha)! 

4) Bajrangi Bhaijaan. *takes deep breath* This film was ah-mazing. I watch quite a fair few films, and I also love Bollywood films (despite the stupid songs when people randomly just appear in Switzerland after being in India for the whole film – what is that about?!). This film’s storyline was just heart-wrenching and I fell in love with the little girl who was the main character. For those who haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin the story for you, but I would fully advise you to watch it.

5) Avon Shower Scrub. This smells incredible. The scent is so fresh and fruity and really long-lasting as well, hours after I’ve showered. It leaves my skin feeling really soft as well because of the little beads, but it doesn’t scrub at your skin like other products have done. It has also lasted a long while, considering that I have been using it everyday!

6) Gone Girl. I know, I’m so late to jump on the bandwagon with this! This book is amazing. I’ve laughed, I’ve gasped and I’ve screamed out loud. It’s a crime thriller I guess, but it is so interesting, you never know what will happen! The characters are those that you like but hate at the same time. I’ve been waiting to watch the film until I’ve read the book so I’ll keep you posted about how I think the film compares to the book. 

Comment below letting me know if any of these were your favourites too! Also, let me know what your favourites were this month 🙂

As always, thank-you for reading!

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