Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Hi guys,

Being a Valentines Day baby, my birthday has always been surrounded by couples also celebrating this holiday. It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve grown to love being born on this day (because really what choice do I have?!). But not everyone has: every year I hear the same comments concerning Valentines Day.

‘When you’re in love, you don’t need one day to show it’
‘Valentines Day is nothing but a commercial holiday’ 
‘I show my boyfriend/girlfriend that I love them all year long, not just once a year’

Okay, we get it – you don’t like Valentines Day! Why not move on for the sake of people who do enjoy celebrating Valentines Day?
To me, Valentines Day is not about buying your partner an expensive gift. Actually it’s not about buying gifts at all. Some couples find themselves under extreme pressure to buy or do something amazing on Valentines Day and that’s sweet. But more often than not, it’s the little things that really capture your partner’s attention and lets them know that you thought about them.

1)  Oversized anything is a major NO.
I ask myself the same question each year when I inevitably see an unsuspecting (usually – sorry!) male, barely being able to hold a huge stuffed bear, with an enormous bouquet of flowers and an equally large card. I mean are you trying to overcompensate? I can only speak for myself, but teddies were cute 5 years ago – my teddy bear collection is gathering dust in my attic so I personally wouldn’t want to add to it. If you do decide to get your partner a teddy, try a normal-sized one, she’ll probably appreciate it a lot more.

2)  Make memories, not debts.
That amazing piece of jewellery that she wants but will kill any chance of you doing your food shopping for the month is not worth the hassle. Yes women love jewellery – it’s no surprise. But instead of spending your life savings on that necklace, why not buy tickets to a concert or book a spa day? Sometimes it’s the fact that guys are willing to spend a day or night somewhere they wouldn’t usually, just for their girlfriends. And if she really does value you (and value money) then she will appreciate it more than if you had spent a ton of money that you need for life essentials.

3)  Don’t overthink it.
She has probably been hinting about those new pair of shoes that she’s wanted since Christmas. But if you can’t take a hint, then just ask her! I think guys sometimes think that they have to do everything secretly and surprise their other halves. Yes, it won’t be a surprise, but at least she won’t be returning your gift a week later and you can be guaranteed that she will have a smile on her face when she opens it. Communication is key in any relationship – use it to your advantage!

4)  It’s okay to think with your head sometimes.
You’ve only been dating a few months – think carefully! If you get her a card with ‘TOGETHER FOREVER’ written on it, you’re playing with fire. Although you really like the other person, it never hurts to take things slow. Buying them a romantic weekend for two might result in you going to Paris alone. If you think logically, you can buy something that shows you are happy with the way things are going and be in her good books (even if it only lasts a week!).

 5)  Table for two?
Its Valentines night, and every restaurant in the city is packed out. So what?! Be imaginative. If you live in a warm place, why not pack a romantic picnic? You could stay at home in front of a good movie and order a takeaway. Better yet, you could cook for your respective partners. Even cooking together can be extremely fun and sometimes even quite a sensual activity ;). It might not be the most conventional way to spend Valentines Day but who says that’s the only way it can be?
So those are my 5 top ideas spending Valentines Day with your loved ones. Comment if you agree or if you have some better ones then comment those – I’d love to hear them!
Finally, happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy the day, whatever you have planned 🙂



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