August Favourites

Hi guys,

First of all, Happy September! August was a great month for me, and I have been wanting to write a review post for a while! I had loads of great things to share from August but these are just a few 🙂 

1) As you might know I am a total bookworm and my geekiness truly lies in the pages of a good book! So I bought the book ‘Killer Heels’ by Rebecca Chance. I actually really enjoyed it. It is quite a girly book, mostly surrounding the cutthroat world of fashion and media. The game-playing and manipulation is also what makes it a thrilling read, as you never know what is going to happen next. The book does tackle some real issues that happen daily in these environments, such as anorexia, and it is an eye-opener to see how easily and how willing young girls are to lose weight for their careers! All in all, a good read. 

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2) Scandal. If any of you follow me on twitter (@divyapopat) you will know that I have been loving Scandal recently. If you anyone has watched it already, you will know that it is so addictive! For those of you who haven’t, the show is about the life of an ex-White House Communicatons Director who starts her own firm. Vague I know but I don’t want to spoil anything! Huck is my darling FYI. 

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3) I am a huge lipstick fan and I rarely wear anything else on my lips except lip balm. So last week when the outfit I was wearing didn’t go with any lip colour that I had, I was drawn to a lipliner that I ‘borrowed’ from my sister. I usually don’t really like the texture of lipliners but I enjoyed the way it went on easily and I especially loved the colour! This was the Rimmel 063 lipliner in the shade Eastend Snob (LOL I love that name)

  • RRP: £3.99
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4) This item is definitely a huge favourite for me this month. It was a gift from the lovely Bel over at JewelleryEverAfter and I just fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. So Bel makes Disney themed jewellery, and this necklace is inspired by the Little Mermaid which I thought was adorable, especially because I love the ocean. I also love the fact that it has three layers which I think would really cheer up my outfit rather than a normal necklace would have done. Be sure to check out Bel’s page for more jewellery, as she will also be holding competitions on her Twitter and Instagram! So get following 🙂 

  • RRP: This item is made to order so the prices will vary. Check out the website for more details. (*)
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5) As some of you may know, I will be heading back to University for my third and final year of my degree. I started doing some shopping and I was so excited to do this part of my shopping that I couldn’t wait to write about it in my blog! I was stationary shopping. It got me so excited. I am a total stationary nerd. And I abosolutely love it!! Haha. Yes make fun of me if you will, but I have no shame whatsoever. That feeling of writing on the first page of a fresh new pad of paper or notebook with a new pen, I’m sorry but that feeling is hard to beat! 

N.B. Products 2 – 6 also offer 10% student discount – bonus!

That is all for this month. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite items this month. Comment below and let me know what you think and if any of these are your favourites too! Share if you enjoyed this post 🙂 

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