Pros and Cons of University

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As you may know, today was the day that most second year A Level students had been dreading since they finished their final exams 2 months ago. That’s right: RESULTS DAY! Today, students found out whether they had received their place at University or whether that route to University meant taking a brief detour through Clearing City , or even Resit Land.

University – it’s a controversial place. Some people will never understand why people spend so much time and money there, and some people won’t understand why so many others don’t go. Like all things in this world, University surely has pros and cons. Bear in mind that everyone’s ideas and opinions concerning University will never be the same so rest assured; all these opinions are only mine.

1) Money. It’s no secret that tuition fees have increased a significant amount since 2011/2012. And with the economy, everything else also seems to be more expensive, such as living costs, clothing, travel etc. Students such as myself can only hope and pray that we end up getting well-paid graduate jobs in order to pay off our high debts!
2) Living away from home. Although not everyone chooses to live away from home, those who do will have those regular bouts of homesickness, where they will miss their parents, siblings, and probably the fully stocked fridge. But as time goes on, you’ll realise that this will be replaced by the new familiarity of the new city/town you are now living in. Enjoy it!!
3) Managing your time well. Last but not least, this was one of the many problems I endured during my first and second year of university and I don’t doubt that it will continue to be a problem during the next year! But making time for your work or revision when everybody is going out to the local clubs and pubs can be cruel at times. Even going out whilst knowing that you have a 9am class the next morning – you just know that you’re doomed. However, I think if you know that something is important, you will make the right decision when it comes to University work. Great nights out will come and go; you only get this chance to do the best you can do in your degree.
1) Meeting new people. Now, probably every single person who ever went to university will say this same thing. It is NOT an exaggeration. You will meet so many weird, different, crazy people who you will most likely keep in contact for years to come. It has been said that you meet new people everywhere; what is so special about university? My answer? You live with these people and you share so many aspects of your world with them. Bonds are going to be made and they are going to be extremely hard to break.
2) Living independently. At first you might hate the fact that you have to do all your washing and cooking yourself. In fact, you might always hate that! But as time goes on, you will probably realise that your mother, as much as she loves you, will not be around forever. And believe me, all these cooking and cleaning skills are going to come in handy once you graduate and are living alone! On top of all the domestic skills you will acquire, you also learn how to become financially independent. Although most students have help from the wonderful (!) Student Finance, after paying the rent and bills, you have the difficult choice of how much to spend on food and how much to spend on nights out. Well, no one said it would be easy!

3) Studying. Ultimately, that is what every single student goes to university for; to obtain a degree of his or her choice. Sometimes it isn’t as easy as it seems, with personal or financial problems getting in the way. But not everybody in this world gets the opportunity to go to university and as hard as it seems to be to get a graduate job, having a degree allows employers to see that you have the credibility and motivation to get through 3 or 4 years of university.

So, to all my readers who have received the exciting news that they will be soon be students at University in the coming months, make lots of friends, go to your 9am’s and most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself!! Your time at University will be over more quickly than you can even imagine 🙂

Comment below if you have any queries or questions about University, or share if you agreed with this blog post 🙂

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