June Favourites

Hi guys,

I thought seeing as I haven’t had time to write a longer post recently, I would share everything I’ve been loving in June! 🙂

What I’ve been watching:

So I’m absolutely obsessed with prison dramas this month. At the beginning of the month I watched both seasons of Orange Is The New Black. Luckily, the new season came out on Netflix soon after I had started the first season! For those of you who have watched it, I’m sure you can agree that it’s amazing. I don’t want to give too much away for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but I would recommend watching it!! I also love the fact that it is a real story.
Soon after I had finished watching OITNB, I started watching Prison Break. I know I’m soooo delayed with this, (yes I know it came out in 2005), but now I completely understand why everyone was so obsessed with it! It’s amazing!!! Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell also make this show so much more eye-catching 😉 (yes I know Wentworth Miller is out of the closet but that doesn’t make him any less beautiful!).

I also went to see 22 Jump Street in the cinema, which was so hilarious! I thought that they wouldn’t be able to make it funnier than the first one but Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum absolutely crack me up! Definitely worth the watch.

What products I’ve loved:

·      Nails Inc; shade: Baker Street, RRP: £11.00– Absolutely loving this colour of nail polish this month, the shade is gorgeous and it’s so vibrant for summer. This brand is also long lasting, it stayed on for a good week without any chipping at all. 


     Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer, RRP: £3.56 – I’ve used this a few times in the shower, it’s amazing. I didn’t need to use a lot of it; just a 10p shaped amount would be enough. I usually apply moisturizer after my shower as well but this made my skin amazingly smooth even before applying moisturizer.

What I’m reading:
‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green, RRP: £5.59 (WHSmith). I have only just started reading this because I wanted to watch the movie but I’ve found that the books are always so much better than the movies. I’ve also heard a lot about it so it had high expectations. Right now it’s definitely worth the read, but I hope it does exceed my expectations. So far John Green’s writing has been both funny and witty, with some very clever anecdotes thrown in. I really was surprised at how likeable the book is and I can’t wait to see the movie! Recommended summer read. 

June has been one hell of a long month for me, so I apologize that this isn’t a longer blog post. But if you have enjoyed reading this blog post then do make sure you share it, and leave me a comment telling me what products and other things you’ve been loving this month. 🙂

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