Coconut Lane Haul + Discount Code

So, I’m officially a #CoconutQueen!!! You guys are probably like what the hell is that?! Well, a #CoconutQueen is basically an ambassador for the website and this means that I get a discount code [dizzyingheights20] for 20% off to share for my readers and social media followers – yay for you guys!

I especially love being an ambassador for the website because the products are so beautiful and I know I just had to show you guys a few of the things that I purchased recently. 

The first thing was the beautiful Mac skin cover. It was so different to anything I’d seen and I knew I had to have it! They also do harder cases and for a good price so do check it out if you’re looking for a new Mac case. 

The second thing I purchased was a new iPhone case. My phone is already rose gold coloured so I wanted to keep in line with the colour theme, but the thing that I love most is the fact that there are bright lights on either side – IT’S THE PERFECT SELFIE CASE!!! If you’re like me and you love to take perfect selfies then this is SO the case for you! They also do a range of other colours and some other amazing cases.
Once again, make sure to use my discount code dizzyingheights20 to get 20% off throughout the website 🙂 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I bought, I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a lot more in the future! Do let me know if you bought anything using my discount code – tweet me @dizzyingheight 🙂

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Motivational Mondays ii

I’ve done another of these posts which you can find here, but I felt like it was time for another one.

I know that we can all feel the stress and pressures of life. Whether you are at uni or college, or at work, you can find yourself stressed a lot of the time. For myself personally I rarely let on to others when I’m feeling stressed because I always want to champion this positive outlook on life, but sometimes it can feel like you’re carrying more on your shoulders by pretending to be happy when you’re not. 

I just wanted this post to promote the fact that it’s okay to be sad or stressed or under pressure. We are all humans and it’s a fact of life that no matter how happy and positive we are, we can all have our down days, and that’s okay too ❤️

I was actually watching Inside Out when I was writing this (one of my fave Disney films btw, highly recommended if you haven’t already!), and I think that film is so great at explaining that you sometimes need a little sadness to appreciate the happy moments in life. 

Do share this with anyone you feel like needs a little Monday Motivation.

#MotivationalMondays – we could all do with a little motivation sometimes. I know I do!

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23 Things I Want To Achieve Before I’m 23

Hi guys,

As you may or may not know, I have just turned 22 and as scary as I find it that life is just flying by, it made me think of certain things that I wanted to achieve by the time I was a certain age and never did.

This is just a list of things I’ve thought about for a few weeks before my birthday so they may change during the year and I’m sure I’ll be revisiting this blog post during the year 🙂

If you guys have done this before and have any ideas then comment below and let me know 🙂

1) Join the gym & go regularly. Okay, I know this is usually for the beginning of the year and it might never happen because I am beyond lazy, but I needed to put it on my list so that I know I need to do it! Not only will it get me fit, I will also (hopefully) meet some new people and get to take Zumba classes, which I’ve always wanted to do!

2) Visit New York. New York at Christmas time was the dream (Home Alone 2 anyone?!), but after researching and finding out exactly how expensive it is, I think I will settle for pretty much any time of the year! I think I would find it magical and there is just so much to see, so many amazing places to eat and drink – think I need to book my ticket ASAP!

3) Travel alone. I’ve always wanted to do this, pack a bag, book a ticket and wave goodbye. In reality, it is a lot harder than that. I’ve always had a travelling companion and I don’t know how I would feel about eating and drinking alone. Although, with a good book, company is never far away right? 

4) Design and get a tattoo. Getting a tattoo has been on my bucket list for years and this year I’ve decided it will happen. I already know what I want, so I just need to design it properly and get my butt down to the tattoo shop! Watch this space!

5) Make more of an effort to see friends who live far. I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends but sometimes it’s not always possible to see them at short notice, especially with work and everyone’s busy schedules. But I think if both parties make the effort, you can always find time for loved ones. 

6) Find a pen pal. Oh em gee. I’ve always wanted to do this! Preferably to someone who lives a completely different life to me so that we would have tons to talk about. Also I would be super excited to get a letter in the post every now and then. Right now I just get bills, and let’s be honest, they’re just no fun for anyone.

7) Read a new book every week. I am a complete bookworm for anyone who knows me, and since I received my kindle at Christmas, I haven’t put it down (although I still love hard copies of books). I love getting engrossed into a new book and learning about the characters, and I love the twists and turns of each story. It will most likely be more than one book a week to be honest…

8) Stop cyber stalking people I don’t give a f*ck about. I doubt I’m the only one guilty of this, but yes its something I need to stop doing. It’s more that I get bored and I’m also nosy, but I have realised I do have better things to do than stalk these people because I genuinely do not care about what they’re doing. 

9) Learn to say ‘no’. I feel like life is too short to do things that you don’t want to do with people you don’t really like. Next time, I’m going to say no if I’m not 100% about something, because if I don’t enjoy myself then I only have myself to blame!

10) Take a cooking class. One of my greatest hobbies is cooking, it completely relaxes me and I love learning new recipes. Because I live in London I feel like taking a class would be a lot more accessible so I’m going to do my research into it. I also hope to meet more like-minded people as well as learning new things. 

11) Go offline as much as I can. Again, I’m super guilty of being online for the majority of the day and I think it would genuinely do me some good to stay off my phone and spend more time in the moment. I don’t know how long this will last to be honest (can anyone say addiction?), but I will definitely try! 

12) Visit more places around the UK. I feel like whenever someone mentions travelling, I envision a plane ticket and a posh hotel. I never think of all the lovely places we have here in the UK, such as Cornwall, Lake District and the Cotswalds to mention a few. 

13) Stop trying to follow trends and dress for me. Fashion has never been my strong point, I’ll be the first to admit that! But even I have to wear clothes (stating the obvious). So this year I’ve decided to wear clothes that actually suit me and even if I get called boring, at least I know I’ll be comfortable with my clothes!

14) Make more time for myself to read, nap or just chill. Sometimes the relationship with yourself is the one you need to work on the most, which is why I really want to make more time for myself and learn to be okay in my own company. 

15) Learn from my past mistakes but don’t beat myself up about them. The person I am most hard on is myself. I find it difficult to forgive myself when I do something wrong and it’s something I need to change. I do try and learn from my mistakes as often as I can but I think I can work on it. 

16) Stop apologising for being myself. 

Q: Why should I apologise for having my opinions and feelings? 

A: I shouldn’t. 

I can’t stand people who want me to adhere to their feelings 24/7 when they can’t adhere to mine. Simple.

17) Go skydiving. This has been on my bucketlist for years and it has to happen this year! I wouldn’t say I’m an adrenaline junkie or anything, but I need to take the plunge because I know I will love it! It will also give me something to look forward to and get excited about.

18) Stop holding grudges. I am a very stubborn person and I also have a good memory of when people piss me off. Not a good combo and it’s one thing that I don’t like about myself, which is why I’m going to work on it.

19) Cut down friendships with people who don’t bring anything to my life. This is not as easy as I thought it would be because I have tried this before, but I genuinely do think some people are just toxic and need to be deleted! 

20) Make friends with people who make me happy. As a contrast to number 19 is that you do need those positive lovely friends around you because those vibes are so much nicer than have people constantly being negative. Arghhhh

21) Be more willing to help others, even when there’s nothing to gain. I actually feel like this could be quite difficult because when most people do something good for someone else, it’s usually because they’re getting something out of it too. I’m not saying that you need to feel terrible to do something good for someone else, but trying to not see your benefits would be a good thing to do.

22) Find my passion in life. I have a few hobbies that I enjoy doing, but I feel like I want something in my life that I have so much passion for, and I don’t think I’ve found it yet. 

23) Be grateful for everything that happens, good or bad. Last but not least, be grateful. It sounds simple, but I feel like I never do this (or at least not as much as I should). 

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10 Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Hey guys!

As you may or may not know, Valentines Day is doubly special for me because it is also my birthday. It’s not as exciting as it sounds; restaurants fully booked, couples loved up and overpriced, materialistic crap in the shops. Wow that didn’t make me sound bitter at all… On to the guide!

Don’t forget that Valentines Day is about love, not just couples. So if you’re single this year, why not spend this day with your other loved ones, such as your best friends, your parents, grandparents or siblings? 

1) Day out: If you remember my previous guide which you can read here: you will know that I am a firm believer in making memories and spending time with your loved ones, instead of just spending money. Which is why my first gift idea is to book something that the two of you can enjoy together. This could be a weekend away at a spa, a night out to watch a musical or even a concert! Think big and that way you’ll both enjoy it 🙂

2) Flowers: Okay I know this is not the most coventional gift idea, but this website has some of the most beautiful bouquets of flowers. When they’re unexpected, flowers can be the most uplifting and simply stunning surprise. 


I have also been lucky enough to receive a 33% discount code BLOG33 for my readers, so now there’s no excuse not to buy your loved one some beautiful bouquets!

Check out their full range here:

3) Home Bits & Pieces: Just because it’s Valentines Day, doesn’t mean you have to spend millions. The phrase ‘go hard or go home’ does NOT apply here. So if you are watching the pennies, these are my recommendations. I found these cutesy trinkets whilst trying to shop for a diary recently and I think they are so adorable. I also never thought to shop in Sainsbury’s, as there isn’t one too close to me.. But I think I might have to!
Jar Glasses £10
4) Personalised Accessories: I love personalised items all year round, but on Valentines Day I do think it’s important to have some sort of personalisation on a gift for a loved one. Snapfish is by far my favourite website to create personalised items. I have ordered calendars, fridge magnets and even key-rings from them, and never been disappointed! They are still taking orders in time for Valentines Day until the 9th Feb – so go go go!!!

Check out their full range here:

5) Cosy Nightwear: You can never have enough pyjamas, which is why you could buy a super comfy pair for your loved one this Valentines Day. This gift is especially good because it can be tailored to girlfriends and boyfriends. Let’s face it, your other half will get good use out of it, and you can choose to buy something a bit sexier if your budget allows it (and if your partner will appreciate it, OBVS). 


6) Candles: I LOVE CANDLES. There, I’ve said it, it’s out in the open. I know very few people who don’t like candles (and I’m not friends with any of them, for obvious reasons). I personally would love a beautiful candle for Valentines Day, and best of all, they don’t have to be super expensive (although some can be!).


7) Fondue Set: Possibly one of my favourites so far, this gift is perfect for a cosy night in with your loved one, or even if you’re having a night in with the girls! I don’t know about any of you guys but you can ALWAYS depend on cheese to make you feel loved.

Fondue £39.99

8) Shaving Kit: Here’s one for the boyfriends/husbands/fathers/brothers: a luxury shaving kit! I thought this was such a great gift because the majority of men we know shave, so you will know that he will definitely get some use out of this, and plus we all know that as much as men try and deny it, they love being pampered! The best part is that you choose a monthly membership boxes with razors, shaving butter and post-shaving cream.

Here’s where you can buy it from:

9) Wine Glasses: Another one for your cosy night in, beautiful wine glasses. There is nothing better than a nice glass of wine any day of the week, and these will make you feel 100x more sophisticated! If you don’t enjoy wine, just use these to drink juice out of (I used to do this when I was younger – never felt classier in my life). 

10) Pamper Hamper: Last but certainly not least, you could combine all of the above, add a few bits, and make a hamper. You could include perfume, stationary, a diary or journal, skincare, a Yankee candle, pjs and travel accessories. Depending on your budget, this is definitely the one I would choose, because you can pick and choose mini gifts to make your gift more thoughtful. 



So that’s it for my last minute Valentines Day gift ideas! I hope you find something that you like to gift to your loved ones 🙂

Comment below if you buy anything from my guide; I’d love to know what it was 🙂

Happy Valentines Day! 

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Hello 2016

Hi guys,

First of all, happy new year! I know I’m a few (slight exaggeration) days late but I wasn’t really sure what to write in this post. 

I love this blog to pieces, it’s so much fun to escape and write a rambly post about anything and everything. Most of the time, I’m unsure of who is even reading and sometimes I don’t even care; it calms me to know that my thoughts are written down and out of my mind.

It’s been a busy few months, with Christmas and New Year and I had the best time during the holidays (even though it wasn’t even close to snowing in London *sob*), and having a full-time job has not left me with any spare time whatsoever!

I have a lovely few events coming up next month and February is set to be a super busy month, especially because I turn 22! (I’m so excited, can you tell?!).

This was just a short but sweet post to say happy new year really, and I hope you guys all had the best start to 2016! Here’s to a wonderful year 🙂

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