Hi guys,

As you must know, the World Cup 2014 has officially started and is being hosted by Brazil. I’ve been excited for the World Cup ever since Brazil was announced as being the host country. 

But it has been really upsetting / disheartening to see the amount of tweets and Facebook statuses from (mostly) guys who seem to think it’s fine to put down and make sarcastic comments about females who are taking an interest in the World Cup. 

I think I speak for the majority of girls, when I say it’s bullsh*t. And it needs to stop. 

I don’t watch the Champions League or the Premier League, and I’m not saying that girls can’t watch them, by all means watch whatever you like. But why should I have to see tweets that women can’t watch the World Cup just because we don’t watch other football on a regular basis?

There have also been comments that women have been watching the football to perve on the players. I’m speaking for myself when I say that I’m genuinely interested in the game. Having said that, I’m a red-blooded female, and if a gorgeous football player with an amazing beard comes onto my screen then I’m going to perve on him. And tweet about it. So sue me! I shouldn’t have to defend myself for it, especially when a lot of the people who are so quick to complain about girls perving on the football players are some of the first to tweet about Sharapova’s short skirt. 

To be perfectly honest, I’m not expecting much to change. There will always be males who believe that females are the subordinate sex, whether that appeals to driving, working, or taking an interest in sport. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, which is fine. So I hope whoever is reading this understands that I’m not looking for a debate or an argument about sexism; I’m just one individual voicing her opinions about an important issue that has been on my mind. 

Sorry this post turned into a rant, but there are some subjects that I feel strongly passionate about, and as you guys know this is my outlet! Comment below if you feel the same way I do, or share it 🙂

Oh and just in case you were wondering… I do know the offside rule. 😉