If you follow me on Instagram, then you will know that I recently visited the gorgeous Cancun in Mexico. I say recently, it was actually around a month ago and it’s taken me a while to decide whether I wanted to write this post or not. I love writing about my travel experiences and sharing pictures of the places I’ve visited, but every once in a while I start questioning how much of my life I want to share on the Internet. Perhaps this is a subject for another time, and please let me know if you want me to write something about it, but in the end I decided the holiday and hotel were most definitely worth sharing.


I flew from London Heathrow to Cancun to stay for a week at the infamous Moon Palace Resorts, Cancun. I don’t even know where to begin to be perfectly honest. This hotel is on a completely different level. Not to sound like I’m showing off, but I have stayed in a fair few 5* hotels, and this just blew everything out of the water. The flight was around 9 hours and it went fairly quickly (mostly because I slept through it haha).

We booked to travel to and from the airport with the company we booked with, and once we arrived at the hotel, check-in was super easy, nothing is ever too much which really sets apart this hotel from the rest. The actual resort is separated into three different hotels: Nizuc, Sunrise and the Grand. We were staying in the Nizuc which is located in the middle, but all three hotels are easily accessible through either walking, shuttle buses or golf carts.



Our room was incredible. I really wish I had taken more pictures before settling in, but the only thing I didn’t like was that it was on the ground floor. I’m not sure why but it just wouldn’t have been my first choice. However, the room more than made up for that. We had a freakin’ hot-tub/jacuzzi in the middle of the room! Alongside a king-size bed, a huge rainfall shower, a fully-stocked minibar, a plasma TV – really what was there to complain about?!


Staying there for a week, I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to do everything. There are literally so many things to and so many places to eat that I would fully recommend at least two weeks here! Because you can freely use the 14 restaurants at the other two parts of the resort, there is so much to choose from! Our favourites were the JC Steakhouse and Momo – although booking Momo was probably the only thing I didn’t like. The staff didn’t know how to communicate the way to book it. Every other restaurant was easily booked through reception, but with Momo you had to go to Sunrise on the day you wanted to eat there at 4pm, and then book it. Most people started queuing from 3.30pm because once they booked all the tables up, there was no chance of eating there that evening. I only found out through blog posts like these and TripAdvisor reviews! Also if you love sushi and Japanese food then you may be tempted to visit the Jade restaurant in the Grand but the food at Momo was so much better, definitely worth the 4pm queue!


In terms of activities, there is a golf course on the resort, as well as a spa, bowling alley, two nightclubs, a teen lounge (so cool by the way – there are loads of arcade games and pool tables and games to play!), not including the entertainment staff who play games and have planned activities around the pool and then shows in the evening.


You also get to use resort credits whilst staying here, it was the first time I’d ever experienced something like this so I asked a million questions to our travel rep about it. Basically the hotel gives you a certain amount of ‘money’ that you can use on various activities around the resort and you just have to pay tax so it actually works out pretty well if you want to use the spa or play golf.


As much as we didn’t want to, we did leave the resort a few times. We wanted to visit the Chichen Itza because it’s a famous landmark and that took the whole day. We decided to book through our travel reps instead of the hotel, as we thought that it was a better deal. It was a whole day out, with the coach picking us up at 8.30am, driving to the cenote Ik Kil (a natural sinkhole that you can swim in, with waterfalls) which was incredible. We stopped off for some lunch there as well, and then made our way over to the Chichen Itza. It was super hot so it wasn’t ideal but the history behind it was so interesting. It’s a shame that you aren’t allowed to walk up the steps but it’s understandable considering what happened there.





The other day trip we took was at Xplor, this place was insane. Again we booked through our travel reps, as we got a discount and it just made sense. The whole day was paid for, as lunch was included there as an all-inclusive buffet. The coach picked us up similarly at 8.30am, and we spent all day there. The first thing that we did was driving the vehicles which was my favourite thing about the whole day – you get to drive their amphibious cars and follow the route around a jungle with bumps and bridges, and through caves. We got stuck a few times because it started raining and it was so muddy so I wouldn’t recommend wearing any nice clothes! The zip-lining is famous at the park so we did that next and there are two sections of it, the easy zip-lines and the difficult ones. It was fun but I personally think they are a bit over-hyped and some of the queues were quite long. After that, we had lunch which was really good, with loads of choices. Rafting was next, it was in the underground caves with loads of lights and you had to follow the route around, it was so tiring! We did the driving again before we left because we had so much fun before! The day ended at 4.30pm, which was when we had to be on the coach to go back to the hotel. Basically BEST DAY EVER!


I had the best week in Cancun and I would fully recommend Moon Palace to anyone, whether you travel as a family, in a couple or with friends. I can’t wait to go back already!

Have you ever travelled to Mexico?


It’s probably not a huge secret and being British it’s possibly expected, but I am a huge tea fan. I just love the stuff, whether that’s first thing in the morning, last thing at night or bang in the middle of the day. My favourite is the typical classic English Breakfast tea, just because you can’t go wrong with it! Bit of milk, and two sugars YUM. Since working in central London and in a busy office, a caffeine hit has become too frequent for my liking.

So you can imagine my total surprise and joy when teapigs contacted me to ask if I could try out some of their new range of #feelgoodteas*. The #feelgoodteas include: the clean n green tea, the up-beet tea, and the snooze tea. I’ve also started to look out my health and fitness a lot more (which you can read here), so the fact that they were #feelgoodteas were just perfect!

My first reaction when opening my parcel from teapigs was the incredible smell coming from the package. All three teas had beautiful strong smells, and even now when opening my cupboard it’s the first thing you smell. The packaging is also lovely, it’s their classic packets of tea, but the tea temples are so different to any other tea I’ve tried. The tea itself is so colourful and the temples feel very luxurious!


I have been drinking the teas everyday for around a week now so I thought it was the right time to write up exactly how I felt drinking them. The teas were designed to fit in around your average day wherever you work or even if you don’t work at all! The green tea is to be consumed in the morning, the up-beet tea is for an afternoon hit, and the snooze is for bedtime.

Clean N Green Tea


 By drinking this tea first thing in the morning, it is designed to help you detox, and boy does it! The tea is made of lemongrass, ginger, green tea, liquorice root, coconut pieces, dandelion leaves, lemon peel, natural flavourings, and marigold flower petals. All of these unique flavours give it a light and slightly sweet taste. It is not as strong as I thought it would be given the smell of the tea itself, and it was really refreshing. The really great thing is that you can have it hot like you would with a normal tea, or iced by making is as normal and adding ice cubes. Genius!

Up-Beet Tea


If you have ever felt that insane lack of energy after lunch, then this is the tea for you! This tea is designed to give you a boost and it is perfect for a pre-gym workout, as well as a great replacement for a coffee or sugary drink that I would normally drink when I feel that all-too-familiar post-lunch slump. Made from hibiscus, ginger, green tea and beetroot (hence ‘up-beet‘), it wasn’t my favourite taste. However it does taste quite sweet and I got used to the taste even if it wasn’t my favourite. I definitely wasn’t craving any sweet drinks or snacks for a good few hours!



In case you hadn’t guessed from the name, this tea helps you sleep. This tea was the one I was most excited about because I’ve struggled with my sleeping pattern. I am going to write a longer blog post about my recent insomnia as I’ve been using some new products for it so watch out for that! This tea is made with chamomile, lavender and apple, and it smells quite strongly of lavender, which did at first slightly put me off. But I got used to the smell because it doesn’t taste at all strongly of lavender, so it’s just like having something great to smell at the same time! I can definitely confirm that it sends you straight to the land of nod – if anyone is having trouble sleeping, you have to try this!


Have you ever tried teapigs tea? Which tea is your favourite?

*This post contains PR samples, but as always all opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer here for more info

From the title of this blog post, you may be thinking that I have only just begun my fitness journey, but the truth is that almost 9 months ago, at the beginning of the year, I made a promise to get more into my fitness. You may have noticed that this is the first post in the fitness category here at The Dizzying Heights (lol). Well let me tell you that it is here to stay (hopefully).

It didn’t happen straight away and things happened in my personal life that made me never want to step inside the gym and eat all the junk food, but nevertheless I gradually became more and more inclined to work out and I have slowly fallen in love with it. I love the adrenaline rush that I get from it and I feel a lot better for going as well.

Another thing that I have loved since going to the gym and working out, is buying outfits. In truth I have become a bit of a workout clothes hoarder, something I never thought would happen! And just when my Mum told me that I had no more space in my wardrobe for any more sports stuff, Lapasa got in touch, and asked if I wanted to review a pair of their leggings*. I mean I could hardly say no, could I?!


Lapasa is a Canadian-based yoga brand which provides comfort, good quality and high-tech apparel. They cooperate with sports, yoga and outdoor activity communities, using their self-developed new technology and material to produce better products with the world’s best manufacturers. They produce underwear, sports gear and casual clothes. Lapasa’s mission is to provide products using advanced technology, they focus on quality material that look good while maximizing performance.

Lapasa’s clothes are simple yoga clothing that feel good on, moves with the body, and makes you look hot too. When it comes to their sport bras, they look comfortable, yet still offer good support and shape. I haven’t tried their sports bras but I have read a lot of reviews and they will definitely be my next purchase.


I love the different patterns that Lapasa have to offer, it’s so important to have work-out clothes that make you feel comfortable because it really effects the way you feel and gives you a boost of confidence. I feel like they’re also very good value for money, especially when it comes to the quality of the product. They feel much more expensive than they are; they are a thick material but not too thick, and not thin enough to see your underwear. I wear a size 6/8 on my lower half so I ordered a size S which fit perfectly, they were slightly baggy around my crotch area (hopefully to prevent any unwanted camel toes!). The only thing I didn’t like is that it was quite loose around my ankles and I had to roll the bottom of the leggings up a bit so they were a bit tighter as you can see from the pictures.


The other great news is that Lapasa are giving you the chance to win your own pair of leggings or sports bra! All you have to do is retweet this tweet (which will also be pinned to my Twitter) and be following me by 30th September.

If you don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can purchase your own pair of leggings or sports bra which I have a 10% discount code for: DIZZYING10 – enjoy!!!


What are your go-to workout clothes?

*This post contains PR samples, but as always all opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer here for more info


Skincare is something that has been so important to me recently, and with the weather changing from slightly warm to much cooler (yay for Autumn!), I thought it was time to write a post on some of my favourite skincare products to use as and when the weather changes. Some of these products I’ve used before and others I’ve just recently start using but I’ve been loving them all so let’s get started!

1. Crabtree + Evelyn Hand Therapy: £18

I was lucky enough to win this in a Twitter giveaway and I’ve really enjoyed using it. I was looking for a hand cream and before I used it, I thought that it was a hand cream (lol). Huge mistake because it’s actually a hand scrub that you rinse off with warm water! Imagine if I’d tried to use it as a hand cream on the Tube…


Anyways I’ve been loving using this, because firstly it smells incredible. I’m not the biggest fan of rose-scented products, perhaps it’s the peppercorn in it but this smells so clean and fresh rather than those overly sweet floral smell you usually get with a rose-scented product. It also leaves my hands feeling super soft afterwards and they stay that way for a long time too so you don’t have to use it too frequently. You also have to use a tiny bit so hopefully this will last me a while!

2. Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish: £28

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I bought this around the same time last year and even though I like experimenting with my skincare products, I always seem to go back to this product. I know that it hugely popular, and honestly for very good reason. You don’t need to use a lot of product which I love because it means that it will last for ages, and it also has a very clean and fresh smell, there’s nothing worse than an overpowering smell in a cleansing product. I just love the way my skin feels after using it. It feels soft but more importantly it feels very clean and refreshed. A definite staple for the Autumn/Winter skincare routine, and in my opinion, well worth the money!

3. Maleé Body Cream*: £20


I was sent this lovely cream and it has definitely become a part of my current skincare routine. It wouldn’t have my usual pick so I’m glad it was sent to me otherwise I would never have had a chance to try it. The substance of the cream is quite heavy, giving it a feel of a body butter but it’s not too greasy. The only thing I would say is that it takes a little while to absorb into your skin but once it does, my skin was so lovely and smooth. I loved the packaging as well, it felt very luxurious and I liked the green colour. I also loved the smell, I can’t describe it at all but it smells so lovely!

4. Bloomtown Spring Mask: £12

Ever since I was introduced to this brand a little while ago, I have loved using their products. I also love the company as a whole, they are against animal-testing and are completely cruelty free. They also donate a percentage of their products to animal and environment charities, which I think is just so special.


Back to the mask. I love face masks on a Sunday evening, just chilling and getting ready for the week ahead, and I have loved using this mask. This mask is good for sensitive skin and you don’t have to use a lot as it lasts for 25-30 applications which is good considering the pot isn’t huge! The mask doesn’t dry out and it makes you skin feel super moisturized afterwards, and is also really easy to take off.

I also have a discount code if you wanted to shop anything on the Bloomtown website so take advantage, as it’s a huge 20% off, whaaaat: DIVYA20 – get shopping lovelies!

#DIVYA20 (1)

5. Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub: £6.50

There have been Sanctuary Spa products in my house from a young age and I have always loved the packaging, the smell and the feel of all the products I have ever used from Sanctuary Spa. This is probably one of my favourite ever brands, and I love that everything is so reasonably priced.


A scrub for me is an integral part of any season’s skincare routine but for Autumn/Winter, I feel like a scrub is essential to get rid of all the dead skin and to leave your skin silky soft. This particular one smells incredible and like all of the products in this post, it lasts forever! (I had no idea that was going to be a recurring theme, I promise!)

So that concludes the skincare products I’ll be adding to my routine this Autumn/Winter!

What does your Autumn/Winter skincare routine look like?

*This post contains PR samples, but as always all opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer here for more info

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If you’re a Londoner you will know just how important a great bar is, whether that be for after work cocktails, a lunchtime tipple or just a quick beer before you move on to a club. Now think about (the very few days of) summer and that lovely warm sunshine and if you’re anything like me then you’ll be imagining a rooftop bar. Rooftop bars in London are very common now (slightly weird as we get like 200 days of rain in a year, but I’m not complaining!), and they make just having an after-work drink all the more exciting.

Drinking at rooftop bars is one of my favourite pastimes so I knew I had to write a post about some of my favourite bars in my favourite city. Some of the ones that made it on the list I have visited and loved, and some I can’t wait to visit in the future.

1. Pergola on the Roof

Pergola is a pop-up bar and there are two Pergola locations: the original one in White City and a newer one in Paddington, and the Paddington one is the one I’ve visited. They have loads of cool pop-up restaurants such as Patty + Bun and Raw Press. They also have amazing beds, that we had for a little while before we moved downstairs to eat. The drinks are very reasonably priced, and I would fully recommend the cocktails: I had the Le Gran Fizz but with my old pal gin instead of vodka – so gorgeous! You will have to book here which is super handy but you can only book for groups with 4 or more, so for date night it’s better to just walk in!

♦ Visited ♦


Pergola White City: Multi Story Car Park, Television Centre, Wood Lane, White City, London, United Kingdom W12 7RJ

Pergola Paddington Central: 5 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London, United Kingdom W2 6PY

Pergola is open until October 1st

2. Radio Rooftop

Radio Rooftop bar is located on the 10th floor of the ME hotel and has amazing views of the Thames and the London skyline. It has been on my list for ages and I need to go and have a drink there soon! From what everyone has told me, the views are great and the drinks are gorgeous. They also do brunch on Sundays, which I am an absolute sucker for, and their restaurant is meant to be really good as well! You have to book here as well so keep that in mind.

ME London, 336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA

3. Madisons

Madisons is one of my favourites, simply because it is so close to my workplace. I love how accessible it is, being a penthouse of the shopping centre One New Change by St Pauls Cathedral. The cocktails are amazing, bar staff are super friendly and the views are incredible. Having St Pauls Cathedral as a backdrop is absolute killer. If you haven’t been, you definitely have to! You don’t have to book but you have the option to which is nice.

♦ Visited ♦

Madison Restaurant, Rooftop Terrace, One New Change, St Paul’s, London, EC4M 9AF

4. Coq D’Argent

Another place I have visited recently which is close to my work place is Coq D’Argent. This bar is closer to Bank, being literally opposite exit 9. The terraces are heated, making this bar the perfect place for those chilly nights. The views are amazing, and the drinks were good – pretty pricey but what to expect from a London bar. The decor was very floral when I went, and it definitely felt like summer. You can book tables here so it’s quite handy if you want definite seats, but if you decide to come here on a whim it’s fine because bar snacks need no reservations – best of both worlds!

♦ Visited ♦

Coq D’Argent No.1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ

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5. Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit is a cool little cocktail bar near Mayfair, a definite possibility for pre-clubbing drinks. It looks very sophisticated and is located on the 5th floor, and it’s more of an outdoor terrace that you can watch the sunset from and then move into the restaurant bar when it gets too cold. You can’t book here, so entrance is on a first-come-first-served basis. The drinks are renowned here so it’s perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail or a boozy post-dinner date.

5th Floor, 240 Regent Street (Entrance 30 Argyll Street), London, UK W1B 3BR

6. SkyLounge

The 12th floor of the Hilton Tower of London offers amazing views of the skyline, as well as two outdoor terraces. What I really enjoyed about this bar is that when I visited around Christmas time, they had special Christmas themed cocktails! I just think it’s so lovely that they did that and it added something different to my experience. There are loads of different landmarks that you can see from this bar so you can get loads of great pics for your Insta, and it has a really nice chilled out vibe. Bar tables can be booked, but they do accept walk-ins from my understanding.

♦ Visited ♦

7 Pepys Street, London, EC3N 4AF,United Kingdom


7. Sky Garden

Probably one of the most aesthetically-pleasing places in the whole of London, and I still can’t believe I haven’t visited. Sky Garden is a beautiful glass dome, located at 20 Fenchurch Street on top of a building nicknamed the Walkie Talkie building. They have three floors of gardens, outdoor terraces, and observation decks. The view of the skyline looks insane, and the drinks look even better. They also have a few restaurants, which would make for the perfect date night. Booking here is tricky, they only have a set amount of tickets and you have to be quick to snatch them before they go. Tickets are only available for a certain amount of time as well, so be warned and make the most of your time.

1 Sky Garden Walk, London, EC3M 8AF

8. Rooftop Garden at John Lewis

This is the second year that John Lewis has opened their rooftop garden in their store on Oxford Street: the perfect little pit-stop after the bustle of London’s favourite shopping area. What I really like about this place is that they have events happening all the time, such as yoga classes, and lifestyle workshops, so it’s not just somewhere to go and drink and chill (although you can do that if you want to), but it’s somewhere you can spend the whole day, doing an activity and enjoy the views at the same time. There is also a great restaurant, and if you get bored – you’re on London’s busiest shopping street! You can reserve tables here, or rather ‘summerhouses’ and ‘pavilions’ – ooh la la!

Rooftop Garden is open until September 24th

300 Oxford St, London W1C 1DX


9. Roof Deck at Selfridges

Another cute little gem located on Oxford Street, this time at Selfridges. Apparently they have the best guacamole in town, which everyone knows is definitely worth an excuse to visit. Dining al-fresco is always exciting, mostly because you never know whether it will be rain or sun (haha), but the food looks amazing, I’ve never been disappointed with any food I’ve had from Selfridges! Booking is recommended here as well, I have heard it gets quite busy too so maybe it’s worth booking.

Selfridges & Co, 400 Oxford Street, London, W1A 1AB

10. Rumpus Rooms

I really wish I hadn’t visited this place when it was a dark and gloomy day in London, but at least it wasn’t raining (every cloud and all that!). But even when it was a little grey, the atmosphere of Rumpus Room was very energetic, and I loved their cocktails. The only thing I didn’t like was their queuing system; I stood in a queue at the bar for ages until I got to the front where they told me that queue was for VIP’s *facepalm*, but after that I got served pretty quickly so all was forgiven! Rumpus Rooms is located on the top floor of the Mondrian Hotel, and offers panoramic views of London, as well as being within walking distance of lots of famous landmarks, such as the Tate Modern, Globe Theatre, as well as the London Eye and Borough Market. Definitely worth a visit! No booking is necessary here.

♦ Visited ♦

20, Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PD 


11. Kensington Roof Gardens

I love the area of Kensington ever since I was little, and then I grew up and started watching Made in Chelsea which made me love it even more. Their Roof Gardens are one of Kensington’s spectacular venues and the restaurant is called Babylon, where you can have drinks on the terrace. The gardens are set 100ft above London, and is on the 7th floor, so you can imagine the views are insane! The actual gardens look amazing, and they are free to visit but you will have to book a table to have drinks or lunch. Also don’t forget your ID because they are super strict!

99, Kensington High Street, London, W8 5SA

12. Sushi Samba

If you are a sushi lover like I am, this should be at the top of your list if you haven’t already visited! Sushi Samba is located on the 38th and 39th floors of Bishopsgate, and features the highest outdoor terraces in London. There are 360 views of London, with wall to floor glass windows, and glass elevators taking you up. The decor is an outdoor-indoor theme, with trees featuring heavily, and there are lots of fairy lights so it makes for perfect Instagram photos. You have to book a table here for the food but you don’t need a reservation for the bar, just note that it gets very busy in the evenings so bear that in mind.

♦ Visited ♦

Sushi Samba, London, 110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY


13. Queen of Hoxton

QOH is located in Shoreditch, and that is one of my favourite places in London. It’s so edgy and hipster and cool, and even though I am none of those things it is a great area to go for drinks. There are views of the Shoreditch skyline, and it transforms twice a year from a snuggly, cosy winter rooftop bar to a summer, basking-in-the-heat rooftop bar. It gets super busy here so queues may be inevitable, but there is no need to book so it all depends on your luck!

1-5 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3JX

14. Bōkan

Bokan looks like a very cool place to have a drink. Located in the heart of Canary Wharf, it consists of three floors: 37, 38 and 39. The 37th floor is the restaurant, there is a bar on the 38th floor and the rooftop terrace is located on the 39th floor. It looks so exciting, it has a specialist gin bar (cannot wait to try this!), jazz days on Sundays and daytime beds, which all make for a perfect weekend spot. I would definitely book here, it gets super busy and is very popular, so don’t risk it!

Floor 37-39, 40 Marsh Wall, London E14 9TP

15. Aviary

Aviary is a place I cannot wait to visit – it just looks like it has the best vibes! It is located on the 10th floor of the Finsbury Square’s Montcalm Hotel, and has amazing panoramic views of the city. Definitely the ideal post-work drinks location – you will often see people in work clothes, enjoying some down time. The food looks amazing too, I think I will definitely have to make a night of it when I go! Again, I would book this if I had the chance, you never know how busy it will get and it’s a very popular place.

Rooftop Restaurant and Terrace Bar, 10th Floor Montcalm Royal, London House Hotel, 22-25 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1DX


So those were my top-picks for rooftop bars in London!

Did your favourite bars make it onto the list? How many have you been to? Let me know in the comments below!