Strictly Ballroom: A Review

I always feel very classy going to the theatre, I really should start dressing appropriately lols, I always walk in with my converse and ripped jeans so maybe if anyone reading this who goes to the theatre often could tell me what they wear?!

Anyways, I went to watch Strictly Ballroom at the theatre recently and it was just one of the most uplifting and colourful shows I’ve seen! Similar to Kinky Boots (read my review here), it is a musical based on the film of the same name. I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary ticket from London Box Office.

I hadn’t seen the film before watching the musical and I still understood the plot etc, so I don’t think it’s vital to watch the film beforehand (although if you get lost with plays then it may be worth it!). The cast were just amazing and I think it was just a feel-good show – one of my favourite kinds of shows!

The one thing (/person?!) that surprised me was Matt Cardle. I’d heard that he was going to be in the show, before him was Will Young who I would have loved to have watched, so many childhood memories! But I didn’t really think much of Matt Cardle. When he won X-Factor, it was when I was slowly going off the show anyways so I wasn’t as invested, and although I knew he was a good singer, I’d never really cared too much about him.

I was honestly blown away at how much I liked him. He was crazy good! I wouldn’t say that if he wasn’t performing, I would have hated it because the cast members were insanely good, but he was definitely cherry on top!

Have any of you watched Strictly Ballroom (the movie or the show)? Did you enjoy it as much as I did?


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