Bollywood Fusion Dance Class with Kiran Kishore

65655793-4C6C-4D44-A689-DA38A5CCF701.jpeg83190185-E4F3-4742-8B22-6CB8B8D9A5C02141FDA6-01F4-48BB-8BE2-4DA18BF03491C2314C5A-AC29-4494-8190-383929124111D1BECF93-678A-420A-8902-EA95B21298DA952CDFAD-A664-4299-844E-487914B1778CHaving lived and worked in London my entire life, I love finding new things to do in the city. Especially now that my job is becoming more and more mentally challenging, after-work activities have to be something that I can de-stress with. There are only so many pubs (!!!) I can visit on the pretence of de-stressing!

So when I was contacted by the lovely Kiran to try out her Bollywood dance class in Vauxhall, I was so up for it! I brought a few friends with me, as I’m not the most confident person in the world.

The class was a 5 min walk away from Vauxhall so it’s super accessible and it was from 6-7pm, which meant that I was a teeny bit late as I had to leave work early ~whoops~, but we made it there in the end and I have to say that it was one of the best classes I’ve ever done.

Kiran was an amazing teacher and we learnt the moves to an entire famous Bollywood song in one hour which I was so impressed with! Also it was one of the the easiest workouts I’ve ever done, because it was so much fun that I didn’t even realise how much exercise I’d done!

If the exercise and fun wasn’t enough to entice you to try out this class, Kiran donates the proceeds of her class to Help Refugees so there’s that too! If you’re in London, you should definitely try this class out.

Do you do any dance classes? What are your favourite ways to keep fit?

Kiran hosts dance classes every week at Pineapple Studios on Wednesdays at 7 – 8pm and every Thursday at Base Studios at 6 – 7pm
*I was kindly invited to try out this class, but as usual all of my opinions are my own. Read my disclaimer for more info

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