Instagram Diary | August

It’s amazing that this year is going so quickly and I get freaked out everytime we enter a new month. Although, the closer we get to AW, the more excited I get for Christmas! YAY!

I’ve been away recently, visiting family in India so I haven’t updated my Instagram as much as I should’ve done but I still tried 🙂

Top line, L – R:
This was from Mumbai Airport where you can sit in pods and read the newspaper after you’ve checked it. How cute!
My beautiful candle that I won from United Candles. I featured it in a blog post which you can read here 🙂
Excited for the weekend!
Second line, L – R:
The whole time in India I practically lived in baggy printed trousers and cute sandals.
Also went lemon picking whilst in India, which was so much fun!
Head up in the clouds.
Third line, L – R:
A little ‘Welcome to Mumbai’ sign that I found after landing at Mumbai Airport.
I loved this outfit, how cute is the top?!
The sky looked so pretty that night, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.
Fourth line, L – R:
Dinner at Oxo Tower was awesome.
A lovely quote I saw in London outside Waterstones. I also featured it as #MySundayPhoto which you can read here.
Amazing burger at Handmade Burger Co.
Fifth line, L – R:
The menu at Turtle Bay, the atmosphere and decor here is amazing.
Camembert and bread – can never go wrong!
My next purchase from Coconut Lane – don’t forget to use my discount code dizzyingheights20 for 20% off!
Sixth line, L – R:
Another selfie, wearing my favourite shirt from Topshop, which I featured in a recent post.
My beautiful Macbook skin cover from Coconut Lane.
An amazing shot of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. I love London!
Bottom line, L – R:
A beautiful ceiling at Dirty Martini in St Pauls.

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