5 Things I’ve Been Loving Recently

Let’s be honest, monthly favourites are never gonna happen, especially when I can’t even remember to do #MySundayPhoto’s every week *rolling eyes emoji*. So, instead of a monthly favourites, I thought I’d just post the things that I’ve been loving recently.

1. We all love a good candle. I actually won this from a Twitter giveaway from United Candles and I’m so grateful and happy for it! Recently my Mum told me that I wasn’t allowed to buy any more candles because I had enough. She never said anything about winning them though! *cheeky grin*. This smells insane, it’s like Christmas in a candle for me and I already have plans to burn it whilst I’m wrapping Christmas prezzies! Yay! I haven’t burned it yet so I can’t comment on the burn time but it’s the biggest candle I own so I’m sure I’ll be impressed!

2. We’ve also recently had our bathroom refitted/redecorated and even though it was so much stress, it’s been so worth it because the bathroom looks so amazing now. I was kindly sent this book, which was a bathroom book. Seeing as we had our bathroom done, I thought this was such a cute addition. I’m still trying to find a place for it to live but I think it’s so cute, it’s full of random facts about bathrooms and I figured that nobody likes to be bored whilst sitting on the loo (TMI?!). Or is that just me? Hahaha.
3. Sticking on the bathroom theme, I was also sent these scales by Ozeria. My bathroom is mostly dark grey and white, with black accessories, so these scales looked perfect sat underneath the sink. It looks so sleek and polished, and even though it looks fairly difficult to use, it’s really easy to utilise.

4. I’ve been in love with this shirt that I bought from Topshop not long ago. I’m not the biggest fan of Topshop, mainly because a lot of their stuff is quite overpriced and I’m a huge lover of Primark so I just feel like I’m cheating on them with a more expensive but less satisfying store. That being said, I fell insanely in love with this shirt and I knew I had to buy it. The colours are beautiful and it sort of looks cropped but I’m not sure whether that’s because size 6 was sold out and I had to buy size 4 instead? I’ll never know.

5. I’m not even gonna say too much about this because just look how beautiful my MacBook skin looks. Once you’re done admiring it, head over to their website www.coconut-lane.co.uk and use my code dizzyingheights20 for 20% off your purchase. Also if you want to read more about me being a Coconut Queen and something else that I’ve purchased from them recently then click here 🙂

What have you guys been loving recently? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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  1. September 20, 2016 / 3:17 pm

    Thank-you for the info – most helpful 🙂

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