My Sunday Photo | Bookstore Appreciation

I’m so sorry that I forgot to post a #MySundayPhoto last week! It got to like Wednesday when I realised and I just figured that it was too late. To be fair, I did have a super stressful week so blogging did fall a bit behind last week.

On to #MySundayPhoto for this week. I was in central London during the weekend, catching up with some of my Uni girlfriends, and I walked past Waterstones and fell in love with this sign. 

I love bookstores that are super cosy and you can sit there for hours and hours, and just lose yourself in a good book. It literally transports you into a different place and that fills me with joy ✨

What’s your favourite bookstore?

Hope you guys all had a fabulous Sunday and I’d love to see your #MySundayPhoto’s – make sure you tweet me @dizzyingheight and follow me on Instagram @thedizzyingheights 

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