How To Have A Better Morning

Recently I have really been struggling to wake up in the mornings. The only good thing that has come out of waking up with no time is not checking my Instagram feed until I’m on the bus (if you can really call that an achievement haha). I’ve tried a few things but nothing has seemed to have worked. So I thought I’d write a list of the things that I know have tried for other people and that I’m going to try for myself. Fingers crossed!

1) Go to sleep earlier. This might be a fairly obvious one but I find it the hardest to actually do! I do try and sleep generally quite early anyways because I have to be up for early for work, but I’ve realised that I am always so much groggy in the mornings when I’ve been sleeping later. I feel like I’m going to feel like a party pooper but it’ll be worth it to beat that grogginess!

2) No electronics. Okay so in this day and age, I know how hard this is going to be seeing as we are all addicted to our laptops, tablets and phones. But I will try with this one because when my phone was broken, my sleep was so much better… And then it got fixed and my sleep went to shit, lols.

3) Drink plenty of water. I drink quite a lot of water anyways, but I’ve heard that water first thing in the morning is really good for you and I imagine that it would make you feel quite refreshed in the morning.

4) Make time for yourself. Even if it’s to sit down for 5 minutes in the morning to plan the day, or make yourself a cup of tea and actually enjoy it, or even reading the newspaper. I feel like me-time is the best time, because if you can’t feel comfortable by yourself, then can you really be comfortable with other people? Maybe thats a blog post for another time lol. But yeah, those 5-10 mins are sometimes my most peaceful time of day and I look forward to it!

5) Having a big ol’ breakfast. Similarly to number 4, I feel like having something to look forward to is  paramount to waking up early. Even if you make it the night before if you don’t want to smell like bacon for the rest of the day, perhaps something like a smoothie or toast and jam or peanut butter. As long as you’re not rushing to the bus stop or train station with a slice of toast in your hand, it’s all good!

6) Plan the night before. Whether this is your lunch, your bag or your schedule, I guarantee you will feel 100x better than if you were to do all of these things when you’d just woken up. And you’ll probably remember everything that you need for the day as well!

7) Don’t rush. We all know this one is probably super difficult to because once we’ve woken up, realised that we’ve snoozed our alarms or forgotten to turn them on, and then looked at the time, it’s only human to PANIC! I think if you are calm and try and organise yourself as much as you can, you won’t feel as bad and hopefully you won’t be as late!

8) Avoid caffeine. Similarly to number 3, I try and avoid a lot of caffeine anyways, especially in the way of coffee and Red Bull. It actually makes me feel quite ill seeing people downing Red Bull early in the morning! I know it gives you an energy boost but I always feel like I come crashing down around 11ish and just ends up making me feel worse. But yes I drink tea. I am British after all!

9) Use a gentle alarm clock. We all know that alarm clocks are the most annoying things to wake up but having a loud blasting song as your alarm is more likely to leave you feeling groggy when you wake up. I used to use this amazing sleep app that gradually gets louder (if you know the name of it, please comment below!) and it was actually quite good until my phone got wiped and I couldn’t remember the name of it 🙁 

10) Use sunlight. Lastly but by no means least, I read somewhere ages ago that when your brain registers that sunlight is here, that means that its morning and therefore you are ready to start your day. If you live in a country where it is sunny for the majority of the year then this is fantastic for you. If, however, you live in rainy old England like I do… It’s not such great news. Even so, I will be keeping this tip for when it is sunny (however rare it is!)

These were all my tips for waking up feeling more refreshed in the morning! I feel like everyone could benefit from these, even if you have a job that isn’t based around early starts. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, please leave me a comment below if any of these tips helped you 🙂

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