Hello 2016

Hi guys,

First of all, happy new year! I know I’m a few (slight exaggeration) days late but I wasn’t really sure what to write in this post. 

I love this blog to pieces, it’s so much fun to escape and write a rambly post about anything and everything. Most of the time, I’m unsure of who is even reading and sometimes I don’t even care; it calms me to know that my thoughts are written down and out of my mind.

It’s been a busy few months, with Christmas and New Year and I had the best time during the holidays (even though it wasn’t even close to snowing in London *sob*), and having a full-time job has not left me with any spare time whatsoever!

I have a lovely few events coming up next month and February is set to be a super busy month, especially because I turn 22! (I’m so excited, can you tell?!).

This was just a short but sweet post to say happy new year really, and I hope you guys all had the best start to 2016! Here’s to a wonderful year 🙂

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